Who Is Taylor Frankie Paul TikTok? Divorce With Husband Tate Has A Reddit Reaction
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Meet Taylor Frankie Paul TikTok: Who Is She? Divorce With Husband Tate Has A Reddit Reaction:

Taylor Paul is an American fitness model, TikTok celebrity, influencer, social media personality, and Internet superstar. She is well-known for her TikTok account’s parental videos.

She is the delighted mother of two adorable children. People admire her for her maternal qualities. She is devoted to her family and takes care of them.

Meet Taylor Frankie Paul TikTok: Who Is She? Divorce With Husband Tate Has A Reddit Reaction

Taylor Frankie Paul has amassed a sizable following on Instagram and Tiktok.


Who Is Taylor Paul From Tikitok?

Taylor Frankie Paul is a social media influencer, content writer, and dancer from the United States. She was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, on the 23rd of May 1994.

Taylor has two younger siblings which include a brother named Hunter May and a sister named Aspen May.

She has had an extremely successful career. Her dance videos on popular songs, motherly content, and humor make up the majority of her Instagram and Tiktok postings and content. On her social media channels, she frequently depicts her children and husband.

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Also, she uploads motion images of her beloved family. Taylor Paul began using Tiktok in 2013, and she now has more than 1.6 million followers.

As of August 30, 2021, her Instagram account has 116k followers. Taylor Frankie Paul is currently working on launching her own fashion line and expanding her business.

Taylor Paul Married Life Details


Taylor Frankie Paul is married to Tate Paul, whom she adores. The couple first met in January 2016 and began dating shortly after. On August 7, 2016, the couple got to know each other after dating for seven to eight months.

Tate Paul is currently employed by AdvancedMD as a district manager. On August 31, 2017, Taylor Frankie Paul gave birth to their first child, a daughter whom they called Indy Paul.

After three years, she gave birth to another adorable kid, a son named Ocean Paul, on June 18, 2020. Four of them currently reside in S. Jordan, Utah, USA. Tate Paul works for a private corporation as a Sales Manager. He is currently employed by AdvancedMD as a district manager.

She looks after her family, which consists of her loving husband and two adorable children. Taylor frequently posts pictures of her husband and children on social media.

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How Rich Is TikTok Star Taylor Paul?


Taylor Paul is well compensated for her extensive career. Her TikTok videos and other social media applications would net her roughly USD 15-22,000. According to newsunzip.com, she is also compensated for brand advertisements and partnerships.

She recently purchased a new home, complete with all of the high-end materials and furnishings.

Moreover, she is a fitness enthusiast who goes to the gym on a daily basis and has many gym-related sponsors. To stay active and healthy, she prefers to drink avocado beverages and eat other healthy foods. She primarily exercises her arms and back. She works out with pull-ups, squats, and other exercises.

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