Namhla MTWA Story And Screenshots Of Her WhatsApp Messages
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A look at Namhla MTWA Story And Screenshots Of Her WhatsApp Messages – Namhla MTWA’s merciless killer is still on the loose, and the police have yet to get him. The authorities have been unable to apprehend the offender despite the ANC’s promise to apprehend him in less than three days.

Namhla MTWA, a 35-year-old lady, was killed in her car after being shot nine times. She was a valuable member of the Tambo municipal workforce.

Was Namhla MTWA Killer Arrested? Namhla MTWA Story And Screenshots Of Her WhatsApp Messages Explored

She died on April 21, 2022, while driving to her home in Mthatha. People are currently calling for justice for the woman who was an innocent victim of the heinous act.

Furthermore, the horrific act has wreaked havoc on social media, with people calling for the alleged offender to be arrested.

Was Namhla MTWA Killer Arrested?

No, Namhla MTWA killer is still pending arrest, as confirmed by the Eastern Cape police.

Following the brutal murder, The ANC previously called out the officers for catching the criminal in three days. However, until now, no one has been taken into custody by the police.

Also, the public and the organization have been demanding to catch the alleged culprit, Mfesane Bhekizulu, with her bruised pictures circulating over the web.

With the chaos on the internet, Bhekizulu added, “I have done nothing wrong. I am innocent and would like the public to allow the law to run its course because residents are now jeopardizing the case by going after me, and this might ruin the chance of getting the real perpetrators.”

Lieutenant General Nomthetheleli Mene announced Saturday that the police officers had begun searching for the criminal. And thus, they are taking steps to investigate the accusations to bring out justice to the victim.

Namhla MTWA Story And Screenshots Of Her WhatsApp Messages

Namhla’s MTWA story and screenshots of her WhatsApp messages have gone viral, as they show the clear signs of her unfortunate situation.

For now, her sister, Sanga, has sent the pictures Police Minister, Lieutenant, provincial police commissioner, and Eastern Cape Premier Oscar Mabuyane.

Namla MTWA  WhatsApp Conversations with Her boyfriend
Namla MTWA WhatsApp Conversations with Her boyfriend
Continue to the conversation
Continue to the conversation

As per the screenshot messages, the victim Namhla allegedly pleaded with her boyfriend at the time, Bhekizulu, while he threatened her instead. Following it, she requested resting due to the injuries and told him she wanted to see a doctor.

The lengthy messages also allegedly reflect the woman apologizing for disappointing him.

Namhla MTWA Video Of Being Beaten By Boyfriend In Twitter

Namhla MTWA’s video of her boyfriend beating her went viral over social media, mainly on Twitter. Also, the bruises of her injuries have been shared all over the platform.

Following the brutal murder, people are currently demanding to give justice for the victim as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the officers continue to investigate the case.

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