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Oleg Mityaev General Killed In Ukraine: Who Is He? On March 15, 2022, Russian Army Major General Oleg Mityaev was purportedly killed during an action by Ukrainian forces. This article will tell you more about Russian General Oleg Mityaev’s services.

Oleg Mityaev was the Russian Major General in charge of Russia’s 150th Motorised Rifle Division during the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Tensions between Ukraine and Russia have consumed Ukraine’s and Russia’s social, economic, and military institutions in recent months.

Oleg Mityaev General Killed In Ukraine: Who Is He? Wikipedia Another Russian General, Here Is What We Know About Him

In recent days, Ukraine and Russia have both claimed various figures for the number of insurgents killed. Many civilians and militants, however, have already lost their lives in this pandemonium.

On the other hand, two governments have decided to have a mutual table talk for establishing peace at the current date, but none has stopped their military action.

Who Is Russian General Oleg Mityaev? Killed In Ukraine

Oleg Mityaev was one of the decorated officers from the Russian military who reportedly got killed in action by Ukrainian forces during the devastating storming of Mariupol on March 15, 2022. However, the Russian official has not published their response about Ukrainian claims in the media.

In particular, Ukrainian Interior Ministry adviser Anton Gerashchenko has published the photo on Telegram of what Ukrainian forces claimed on the dead officer. Further, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stated the death of a Russian General in a nighttime address, where he did reveal the name.

Explored Oleg Mityaev Wikipedia

Oleg Mityaev was one of the most higher-ranked officers from the Russian Militant, who reportedly was commanding the 150th motorized rifle division in the following days in Mariupol. Meanwhile, thousands of people have searched for his Wikipedia on the web after hearing the news about his death.

He has reached the age of 46 at the current date. However, his birth date is yet to reveal on the web. Further, he reportedly has served in Syria in the past years. In addition, this is not the first time the Ukrainian official claimed the death of a Russian high-ranked militant, where Oleg Mityaev is the fourth one.

Oleg Mityaev And Putin Relationship

Oleg Mityaev was the Russian Army Major General, which means he had a mutual relationship with his country’s president Vladimir Putin. However, it has been hard to define their relationship as it is highly secretive.

On the other hand, it seems they might have a good relationship as a government official at the administrative level. But Vladimir Putin has not published any response on the death of his high-ranked officers at the current date.

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