Password Child Meaning TikTok Explained - What Is The Trend About? Official Definition
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Let’s find out in detail about the Password Child Meaning TikTok Explained – Tiktok is a platform full of viral material, memes, and trends. Password Child is a contemporary fad that is sweeping the social networking platform. Let us investigate the significance of the trend.

On social media, there are occasions when something becomes viral and stays in people’s thoughts for months. Then another piece of viral content emerges, flooding the internet. As of today, the cycle continues indefinitely.

Password Child is one of the many viral videos available on the Tiktok social media site. It has received around 287K views and likes. Let’s look at the meaning of the meme’s popularity.

What Is Password Child Meaning On TikTok?

Password Child is definitely one of the several trending topics in Tiktok. It means the child who is the favorite of their parents and whose name or date of birth is commonly used as the password for online accounts.

Being a Password Child among siblings is considered a good thing nowadays and one to be proud of. It is used as a boasting term where one child takes pride in knowing that he/she is the most loved child of his/her parents.

The trend first started in the late-2021 when clips were made on Tiktok using a small portion of the hit song Rack City by Tyga. The trend has now taken social media by storm.

Password Child Meaning TikTok Explained - What Is The Trend About? Official Definition
American Youtuber Faze Rug creating the Password Child video on Tiktok.

Password Child Urban Dictionary Definition Explained

According to Urban Dictionary, Password Child is the obvious favorite child as the majority of their passwords are crafted using their birthdate or name. The meaning was added by a user named Ole daad on November 13, 2021.

The term is so famous that Urban Dictionary currently sells merchandise with “Password Child” written on it. The crowdsourcing online dictionary sells ceramic mugs in different colors and personalization options. The mug is sold for $32.95.

Several mentions of Password Child are made in online chat forums and social media comment sections. Its popularity has transcended from one social media platform to the other and is commonly used now by many users of the age group 15-49.

Password Child Meaning TikTok Explained - What Is The Trend About? Official Definition
Password Child mug on sale in Urban Dictionary store.

Password Child Trend Explained

Nowadays, a five-second clip is common on Tiktok where people react to being a Password Child. Memes and videos with “When ur the password child in the family”, “Me being password child”, and “being the password child” are quite famous on Tiktoks nowadays with millions of views.

The song featured in the clip is the 2011 hit rap song “Rack City” by the American rapper Tyga. It features the line “Imma m**f*in’ star”. Even Tyga has reacted to the music on Tiktok which has garnered 28 million views.

The song was first made into a Tiktok clip by the Tiktoker @girls in October 2021. Since then, the sound clip has been featured in about 287K videos as of now.

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