Patrick Lyoya’s autopsy shows that he died by gunshot to back of the head
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Official Autopsy Confirms Patrick Lyoya Killed By Bullet To Back Of His Head

Patrick Lyoya Shot In The Back Of The Head By A Grand Rapids Police Officer In Grand Rapids, Michigan

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Patrick Lyoya’s death at the hands of police has been on our minds ever since we first posted about it last month. The video that was captured of officer Christorpher Schurr pulling his service weapon, putting it to the back of Lyoya’s head, and pulling the trigger will be etched in our memories forever. It was so unnecessary, so blatantly wrong, and so infuriating to watch another Black person lose their life right in front of our collective eyes.

According to CNN, the Kent County Medical Examiner’s Office has officially ruled that Lyoya’s cause of death was due to a gunshot to the back of his head. This is significant because, despite the video evidence, this finding provides further evidence that Schurr’s life was not in danger because the man he killed wasn’t even facing him. Additionally, this report corroborates the findings of the private autopsy that the Lyoya family had done.

As usual, the family, the lawyers, and the community are demanding justice, continued transparency, and appropriate disciplinary action.

In a statement Saturday, attorneys Ven Johnson and Ben Crump, who represent Lyoya’s family, called on prosecutors to file criminal charges against the officer for the “unjust killing” and for the release of the Michigan State Police report on the shooting.

Some news outlets will try to convince you that because Lyoya was legally intoxicated, had a revoked license, and open warrants that he “deserved” to die. These are lies straight from the pits of hell.

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