Ruby as seen in Netflix
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The K-9 in ‘Rescued by Ruby’ has been euthanized.

Ruby as seen in Netflix's Rescued by Ruby

Ruby as seen in Netflix’s Rescued by Ruby

K-9 Ruby – who went from living in a shelter to saving lifes with police in Rhode Island in a Netflix documentary in this year – has been put down after a “sudden, acute and untreatable illness”, aged 11.

On Sunday (15.05.22), the state police’s superintendent Col. Darnell Weaver paid tribute to Ruby’s “positive impact” on the people she served.

He said: “K-9 Ruby dedicated her life to serve the citizens of Rhode Island and make a positive impact on every person she ever interacted with. She became a symbol of hope for all shelter dogs, showing the world what a shelter dog can do when just given love and the chance to shine.”

Darnell added: “She had a full, happy, and wonderful life, not only as a trooper, but as part of a loving family. She worked right until the end and never gave up doing what she loved most — making people smile.”

The police pooch – who was part Australian shepherd and part border collie – was one of the original shelter dogs adopted by the Rhode Island State Police, aged eight months, and took part in countless search-and-rescue missions and public appearances.

In 2017, Ruby found a teenage boy who had seriously hurt himself while on a hike in the woods and he turned out to be the son of the dog shelter volunteer who had rallied to stop her put down after five families were unable to handle her.

The ‘Search and Rescue Dog of the Year’ winner lived with Corporal Daniel O’Neil, a serving member of the force, who will give her a private service.

Earlier in the year, he remarked that Ruby – who once needed her own 19-hour search mission after she disappeared into the forest – “changed so many people’s lives. You have this dog that was given up on, and she’s changed so many people’s lives.”

Daniel said: “She was given a chance and she’s been doing everything she can to pay it back.

“If you show them love and compassion and you give them a certain type of stability, they’ll show their true colors.”

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