Tara Grinstead case: Is Ryan Duke Confession Fake Or Real? Georgia Tara Grinstead Trial Update
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Tara Grinstead case: Is Ryan Duke Confession Fake Or Real? Ryan Duke, the man accused of killing Tara Grinstead, testified as a defense witness in Irwin County Court on Tuesday. Grinstead was a history teacher and a beauty pageant queen.

She went missing in Ocilla, Georgia, in 2005. Ryan Duke was charged with her murder after more than a decade had passed.

Tara Grinstead case: Is Ryan Duke Confession Fake Or Real?

The trial follows the conviction of Bo Dukes, a high school classmate of Ryan Duke’s, for concealing Grinstead’s death, which led detectives to Ryan Duke.

Know More About Ryan Duke Confession

The Tara Grinstead murder trial jury sat transfixed as prosecutors played a confession from her alleged murderer, Ryan Duke. The trial for the Duke accused of murdering Grinstead nearly sixteen years ago started Thursday morning in Irwin County.

In connection with Grinstead’s death, Ryan Duke, a former pupil, has pleaded not guilty to malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault, burglary, and concealing a death.

Tony Thomas of Channel 2 has been covering the case since the beginning and was present in court on Thursday when the confession was read.

What could be the final chapter in the Tara Grinstead case begins today. Ryan Duke, the man accused of killing the Ocilla beauty queen and teacher in 2005, is standing trial. Jury selection is now underway in Ocilla. I’ll have updates on @13wmaznews at 5 & 6. pic.twitter.com/2XcJrgci04

— Ashlyn Webb (@ashlyntwebb) May 2, 2022

As the jury saw the video and audio recordings from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation from 2017, Thomas stated Ryan Duke sat still.

Grinstead’s sister wiped tears from her eyes a few feet away. It was the first time the complete confession had been heard or viewed by the family.

On February 22, 2017, the video was shot. Duke got down with GBI agent Jason Shoudel to discuss the Grinstead case.

Duke confessed to everything in about two minutes, much to Shoudel’s amazement.

Georgia Tara Grinstead Trial Update

Talking about Georgia Tara Grinstead’s trial update, Duke previously admitted to killing Tara Grinstead to GBI detectives, but he gave a different narrative in court Tuesday.

Duke took the stand and denied killing Grinstead, claiming he did not know how she died. Furthermore, he said Bo Dukes confessed to her murder.

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Likewise, Duke stated that he saw Grinstead’s body at the pecan orchard. It is where late Tara’s remains were discovered years later by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

But Duke’s evidence on Tuesday was nothing like what he told the GBI before his detention. In 2017, Duke learned details regarding Grinstead’s previously unavailable case, including a payphone call to her house.

Tara Grinstead case: Is Ryan Duke Confession Fake Or Real?

Ryan Duke’s defense claims he confessed while under the influence of a narcotic medication in 2017, which makes it hard to know whether it is fake or real. Prosecutors point out that his story about what drugs he was taking keeps shifting.

Bo Dukes was invited to testify as well, but he took the Fifth Amendment to avoid implicating himself. He was on the stand for less than two minutes.

#UpAndVanished case update: Trial wraps up seventh day with Ryan Duke on the witness stand. He says he never had a sexual relationship with Tara Grinstead and denies killing her. HLN affiliate WGCL reports: pic.twitter.com/dvY0XxqSEi

— HLN (@HLNTV) May 18, 2022

Duke’s defense counsel claim he made a false confession after being pressured into it. Duke took the stand on Tuesday and admitted to lying to GBI Agent Jason Shoudel in 2017.

The audio from the drive to the pecan orchard continued after the jurors were seated. When they arrived on the site, the audio turned to video, and Ryan Duke led agents to the spot where he remembered the corpse being buried.

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