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Tya Posley Video Twitter: Florida resident Tya Posley was arrested on Tuesday morning after a disturbing video of her abusing her one-year-old daughter went viral on social media. Sanford police arrested the 23-year-old on Tuesday morning after a viewer notified them of the violence on the Instagram story.

The infant has since been removed from Tya Posley’s custody and taken in by Child Protective Services. No updates regarding the baby’s well-being were made public while writing this article.

Tya Posley Video Twitter

Polsey has since been charged with one count of child abuse. Speaking about the shocking incident, Sanford Police Chief Cecil Smith said:

“The video showing what this helpless infant endured is both gut-wrenching and infuriating. Though social media often brings about many challenges, today is a day I am grateful for it as it brought forth swift relief and protection for this young child.”

Netizens have been searching for internal information regarding the case since the news leaked on social media. As a result, we’ve written this post for you. You may read about Tya Posley’s age, charges, and where she is now in this column. So stay with us and read the rest of the story.

Tya Posley Video Twitter Florida Woman Slaps 1 Year Old

Tya is a 23-year-old woman from Florida. It’s unclear whether she’s married or not, but the victim is her daughter, and according to the video, she was upset with the child’s father. The daughter’s age was revealed to be one year.

People are concerned about any abuse that the innocent child behind the camera may have suffered that was not recorded. Tya has received a lot of criticism on the internet.

Who Is Tya Posley’s Baby Father?

She can be seen slapping a child and saying something about her father’s post in the viral video. Many people believe the woman is discussing the child’s father’s job with another woman.

She also claims that the child’s father has not returned her phone calls. Her daughter appears to have been a victim of the adult’s altercation.
At this time, the identity of the baby’s father is unknown. This story has piqued our interest, and we’ll keep you informed of any new developments.

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What did law enforcement have to say about Tya Posley?

Law enforcement revealed that the woman was throwing a swarm of expletives at the child’s father as she went on to slap the baby. In Posley’s video recording, she was heard saying:

“Your dad wants to post s**t right, he wants to post s**t and not answer the f**king calls. I hate your a*s.”

When police officers arrived at the woman’s house to perform a well-being check on the infant, they could not find any bruises on the child.

Netizens express distress on the jarring video

Many expressed distress and anger after news of the woman’s actions went viral on social media. Netizens demanded that she should be imprisoned for what she did. Internet users felt tremendously empathetic towards the infant. Reacting to the jarring incident, a few tweets read:

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