Watch f22loverr Twitter Video of Mass Shooting at Mall - How Does Twitter React To This video?
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Watch f22loverr Twitter Video of Mass Shooting at Mall – A recent while ago, a mass shooting video went viral on the social media platform.

Almost 10 people were killed and 1 injured in a mass shooting at a Tops Markets grocery store in Buffalo, New York, as per law enforcement officials who spoke to the Associated Press, per Buffalo Police.

Watch f22loverr Twitter Video of Mass Shooting at Mall

The suspect of the incident was identified as Python Gendron, of Conklin, about 200 miles southeast of Buffalo, authorities told the AP.

In this article, we will explore the video of a mass shooting shared by f22loverr on Twitter. Also, will share info about f22loverr on Twitter.

Who Is f22loverr On Twitch and Twitter? Buffalo Shooting Video

f22loverr is a Twitter account that recently posted a video of the mass shooting that happened in a shopping mall. Even though the account handle did not give away its real identity, it was actively posting about the incident and updating people regarding what actually happened.

However, as the video was quite sensitive and you could actually see people falling down due to the gunshots, the platform disabled the account. After a series of unusual content, it is likely that the account might get suspended anytime soon.

If a large group of people who understand that f22loverr is going against the community guidelines and mass report it, we might not find the account anymore

The dark side of the Internet, however, is that what is once posted can never be permanently deleted. Many other accounts have reposted the particular video and people are actively engaging with it.

How does Twitter react to this video?

Twitter is a social platform that people usually use to make things viral it might be as pictures or videos. So when this mass shooting buffalo supermarket live stream video happened, the news spread in a moment everybody was aware of it.

After all, everybody is a part of one internet and one platform i.e., Twitter. However, Twitter has made strides in recent years but if the video goes against the guidelines it will remove the content or videos faster. But this video made its way and still trending over Twitter.

The mall shooting video is trending all over the Internet currently as it was posted by a Twitter user called f22loverr. It killed at least 10 individuals and one is severely injured. The incident happened in Buffalo, New York at one of the groceries.

One of the Twitteratti says that the motive behind the shooting was that the gunman was racist and hateful towards the black community. He killed everyone present there who belonged to the black community.

What messed up the most is that he apologized to the clerk and did not shoot him while he fearlessly butchered the others. This was only because the man was white and not black.

Hence, the racist quotient is what actually drew everybody’s attention which made it trending in all most all the social media platforms.

f22loverr User Details

As mentioned above, f22loverr can be traced on Twitter but his identity has not been revealed. Just because of that video, he had gained a substantial amount of followers which went down the hill after Twitter decided to suspend his profile.

Watch f22loverr Twitter Video

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