Watch: Georgia Peach Oyster Bar Menu Has Racist Slurs, Fans On Twitter Are Reacting Explored
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Watch: Georgia Peach Oyster Bar Menu Has Racist Slurs – Menu for Georgia Peach Oyster Bar During Barack Obama’s presidency in 2012, racist taglines did cause controversy. The establishment’s proprietor was Patrick Lanzo.

In 2012, a bar owner in Georgia, Patrick Lanzo, sparked outrage by hanging a banner outside his company calling Barack Obama a “n***er.”

The sign outside the Georgia Peach Oyster Bar, according to Lanzo of Paulding County, is not racist, but rather a political protest against Obama’s policies.

Watch: Georgia Peach Oyster Bar Menu Has Racist Slur

Georgia Peach Oyster Bar Menu did have controversial marketing campaign taglines, which made Patrick Lanzo infamous during the tenure of the Barak Obama administration.

Despite this, the owner markets his bar as a ‘Klan Bar,’ an obvious allusion to the far-right Ku Klux Klan.

Patrick Lanzo had a history of catering to some of America’s most renowned racist organizations. He put up a sign in 2009 that stated, ‘Obama’s healthcare plan: n***** rig it.’

He insisted that it was merely a protest against the government’s healthcare policies, not racist insults.” I’ve used it most of my life,” Lanzo said when asked why he chose the phrase.

Furthermore, he added, “there are many ways to express yourself, but those are the words I prefer.”

Watch: Georgia Peach Oyster Bar Menu Has Racist Slurs
Patrick Lanzo’s Georgia Peach Oyster Bar Menu is Indeed Colourful!

Hate speech is lawful in the United States except for obscenity, defamation, incitement to riot, and fighting words.

Similarly, Hate speech laws in the US are unconstitutional; the Constitution’s First Amendment prohibits the federal government and state governments from regulating speech.

What Did Patrick Lanzo Say?

The owner of Georgia Peach Oyster Bar, Patrick Lanzo, did have a unique way of promoting his restaurant using racial slurs which became controversial.

With the controversial beaming promotion, Patrick said, “Just because you’re offended by it doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to say something exactly the opposite.’ As a result, they are free to put their own signs on their yard without offending me.”

It was not the first time he’s sparked a stir outside his pub by posting provocative statements.

One of the Twitter users wrote, “In Draketown #Georgia, there’s a White Supremacist restaurant called ‘Georgia Peach Oyster Bar’ owned by ‘Patrick Lanzo’ who has a long history of #AntiBlackRacism.”

His signs and the displays of important black figures with racist images inside his pub were a long-standing concern in the neighborhood. In contrast, Lanzo isn’t the first person to use blatantly racist words to criticize President Obama.

Paula Smith distributed the anti-Obama bumper sticker “Don’t re-n*g in 2012.” She, too, claimed that she and her product were not racists.

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