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Watch: Pregnant Woman Bus Seat Video Goes Viral – After the video went viral on social media, the story of pregnant ladies not being able to secure a seat on a bus drew the attention of social media users all over the world.

Acts of civility such as holding the door open for someone or giving up your bus seat for a pregnant woman are unwritten standards in society.

Watch: Pregnant Woman Bus Seat Video Goes Viral, What Happened? 

Respect goes a long way in this world, but some people refuse to respect others. Giving up your seat on public transportation to someone who needs it more is one way to demonstrate respect.

Two distinct women choose to share their experiences with a similar circumstance on Reddit. Now that the stories have gone viral, users can’t stop talking about them.

Watch: Pregnant Woman Bus Seat Video Goes Viral, What Happened?

A video where an 18-year-old girl refused to give a pregnant woman seat went viral on social media. User u/Supportiswelcome was involved in a car accident a few months ago that left her with a damaged leg and knee.

A pregnant woman who boarded the bus later asked the 18-year-old for a seat, but she politely declined due to her wounded leg.

The pregnant woman became enraged and began yelling at her, forcing the girl to lift her dress to see her scars. A male passenger remarked the youngster was “far out of line” for revealing her scars, while the pregnant mother went away “sulking.”

Two Pregnant Woman Story Explained

The story of two pregnant women, wherein one case she did not get a seat, and in the other, a man did not move his hand for the pregnant woman from the seat, is going viral. The second Reddit story that has gone popular is practically the polar opposite of the first.

u/Tiredthriwaway55654 is 30 years old and eight months pregnant on Reddit. She commutes to work via public transit. She took a bus with one empty seat one day on her way home from work.

However, a man in business dress seated beside the lady placed his hand on the vacant seat. He allegedly told her that the seat was “occupied” and that her pregnancy wasn’t “his problem” when she requested him to move his hand.

Users on Twitter and Reddit applauded both women for sharing their bus experiences on social media.

“You’re truly hurt and in need of a seat,” one said, defending the young girl who refused to give up her seat. If the person in front of you was so sympathetic to the pregnant woman’s desire to sit down, they should have offered their seat instead of forcing you to.”

“NTA. I went on public transportation for eight months while pregnant and would have done exactly what you did. In reaction to the second pregnant Reddit user’s post, one Reddit user said, “What did he expect?”

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