What Caused Tadhg Murphy Eye Injury? Details Of Eye Accident Incident
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Tadhg Murphy is an Irish actor who rose to notoriety in America in 2015 after starring in the second season of the maritime TV series “Black Sails” as the renowned pirate Ned Low (Starz, 2014-17). 

Murphy realized that life was too short not to devote himself to what he loved, which happened to be acting, after a horrific accident when he was 13 in which he lost his right eye by getting hit by an arrow.

Murphy began starring in theater productions throughout Dublin, working mainly at the Druid Theatre Co., where he refined his acting skills in front of multiple live audiences. In 2004, he made his cinematic debut in Oliver Stone’s epic historical drama “Alexander,” in which he played a dying soldier (2004). Over the next few years, Murphy continued to feature in Irish films and television shows, including a small role in the indie drama “Pride and Joy” (2006) and a recurrent role in the historical TV series “1916 Seachtar na Cásca” (Ab Media, 2010-).

Murphy then made his American television debut in 2013 as Arne, a one-eyed Viking on the historical series “Vikings” (History, 2013- ). Because of the show’s success in the United States, Murphy landed the role of Ned Low, a brutal 18th-century pirate, on the historical adventure series “Black Sails” in 2015. 

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