What Happened To Jazz Thornton? Mental Health Issue: Partner And Age Info - DWTS
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What Happened To Jazz Thornton? Jazz Thornton is a Dancing with the Stars NZ participant. She is a mental health activist and the author of Surviving, Start Fighting, her autobiography.

Jazz Thornton is a mental health advocate, lecturer, author, and filmmaker from New Zealand. Thornton and eating disorder activist Genevieve Mora founded the suicide prevention organisation Voices of Hope. She is one of the Dancing With The Stars New Zealand candidates.

What Happened To Jazz Thornton? Mental Health Issue: Partner And Age Info - DWTS

Stop Surviving, Start Fighting, and My Journey Begin is Thornton’s autobiography. This is a guided diary for better health. Her mental health issues are explored in The Girl on the Bridge, a 2020 New Zealand documentary. Thornton talked about her buddy Jess’ suicide in the documentary.


What Happened To Jazz Thornton? More On Her Mental Health Issue 

Jazz Thronton has been very vocal about her mental health issues. After years of unrelenting school bullying, her mental health got out of control. She had a difficult upbringing and adolescent years.

Throughout her school years, the Dancing With Stars NZ contestant was bullied relentlessly. Being sexually harassed as a youngster was the trigger for her illness. She attempted suicide when she was 12 years old, the first of several attempts. Now, Jazz is a mental health campaigner who has written two books and created many documentaries, which have transformed her life.

She joined South Seas Film and Television School shortly after her final suicide attempt to learn how to share the experiences of individuals like her. She developed the short video Dear Suicidal Me in just a few months, which shows actual people reading their suicide letters and the reasons they consider themselves lucky to be alive. In the first 48 hours following its release, the film received over 80 million views.

Meet Jazz Thornton Partner

Brad Coleman is Jazz Thornton’s partner on Dancing With The Stars New Zealand. The 26-year-old is a New Zealand-based professional ballroom dancer.

Brad has competed in three seasons of the dance competition, including 2018, 2019, and 2022, and this time he has teamed up with Jazz Thornton, an activist, best-selling author, and award-winning filmmaker.


Jazz Thornton Age Info


Jazz Thornton was born on 29 March 1995. The mental activist, dancer, author, and filmmaker is 27 years old as of 2022. Her nationality is New Zealand and Australian. Dancing With the Stars participant Jazz was raised by a single mother. 

The mental health activist was awarded 2021 Young New Zealander of the Year for her contribution to preventing suicide. Thornton directed Jessica’s Tree, a documentary about her friend Jess’ suicide that won gold at the New York Film Festival.

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