What Happened To Kshordy Girlfriend? Rapper Was Sentenced To Life In Prison For Murder
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Yes, Rapper Kshordy is in prison, spending time on murder charges as stated in his verdict.

In 2021, Kshordy shot rapper 187 NoFace to the head. Though he made it to the hospital, he didn’t survive.

Reportedly, rappers Spinabenz, Greenlight, and the victim were sitting beside a Dodge Challenger by a gas station when the gunfire erupted. The other two made it out alive, but NoFace didn’t.

The two shooters fled from the scene in a black range rover Evoque. Some days later, the detectives conducted surveillance and arrested the suspects – Kshordy and 18-year-old Loreno Span (rapper Lecraca), who were fleeing in the same vehicle.

Reports suggest that the Tired Of Shooting rapper is at the Duval County Jail without bond, facing second-degree murder, two counts of attempted murder, shooting or throwing deadly missiles, a weapons offense, and resisting arrest. As for the other suspect, he received resisting arrest charges.

Then, Kshorty, on Instagram, asked Spinabenz and Greenlight to tell Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office to free him, claiming innocence. He added that the two rappers weren’t snitching and called them the victims.

Looking at social media, most followers of the Hip-Hop artist want him free.

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