What Happened To WWE Randy Orton? His Injury And Health Update 2022
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Is WWE Champion Randy Orton Leaving WWE? On Smackdown, WWE revealed information about champion Randy Orton’s health difficulties and injuries. What has become of him? Here are the most recent updates.

Randy, the professional wrestler, is a well-known public figure who need no introduction.

Randy Orton, also known as Randal Keith Orton, is a WWE wrestler who has won 14 World Championships. He is also the youngest WWE champion in history, at the age of 24.

Randy is also a WWE superstar that competes for the Raw brand. In the year 2000, he made his WWE professional debut. Randy Orton Jr., the son of great wrestler Bob Orton, is influenced by his father.

His admirers are baffled as rumors of him leaving WWE have been a hot potato. So, what’s the truth behind all this gossip in the media? Is Randy Orton fine?

What Happened To WWE Randy Orton -Inured On SmackDown His Health Update In 2022

Randy Orton got injured, including Matt Riddle on WWW Raw Tag Championship on Smackdown that took place on Friday. On top of that, Randy has suffered shoulder and back injuries throughout his WWE career.

As per the Sportster, both Rk-bro’s members Randy and Riddle went to medical evaluation following May 20 WWE Raw Tag Championship on SmackDown.

Bloodline members, Jimmy and Jey Uso defeated Randy Orton and Riddle during the last fight on Friday. Perhaps, he lost the fight because he was unwell. Due to the vicious injuries, Riddle and Randy Orton were taken for medical evaluation. Riddle suffered bruises on the hip and lower back. However, Randy’s injuries are not disclosed.

Riddle stated that Orton was having trouble standing before their match. In addition to this, he has had a hard time for the last 2 years because of the back pain.

Is WWE Champion Randy Orton Leaving WWE?

There are rumors swirling on the internet that Randy Orton is leaving WWE. The spoilers are making assumptions and critics following his match on Friday since Randy hasn’t confirmed any details of his departure from WWE.

Is WWE Champion Randy Orton Leaving WWE? 
Randy Orton in ADL

In April 2022, Randy opened up that the rumors of him leaving WWE are not true and just a hoax. We must not stretch the matters, instead, pray for Orton’s quick recovery.

We’re keeping an eye on this crucial topic. As soon as the details are covered online, we’ll keep you updated.

The 42-year-old Randy has spent his entire career in wrestling, and he has achieved a lot from his career. His wife, Kimberly Kessler has a daughter together and dwells in Missouri. Also, he has an elder daughter from his previous marriage.

Is Randy Orton Playing Tonight Or Not?

Since Randy Orton is under medical evaluation as he suffered severe injuries following the May 20th game on Friday. Nothing has been confirmed yet as there are no updates from the authorities.

Randy Orton with his wife Kim Orton
Randy Orton with his wife Kim Orton

Multiple sources have let the cat out of the bag regarding Randy’s back and shoulder issues. He faced trouble while standing before WWE Raw Tag Championship on Smackdown match on Friday, reported Wrestling News.

Since 2000, Randy competed in various WWE championships and wrestling events. He became the World Heavy Weight Champion (2004/05). We can see his list of accomplishments on Wikipedia.

Did you know Randy Orton’s height? Randy has a tall height of 6 feet 5 inches tall. He has a masculine body.

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