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What Has Happened To Hala Gorani? Yes, Hala Gorani bid bye to the CNN viewers, but what happened and why Is she leaving the Hala Gorani Tonight weeknights show?  Get to find out below!

Atlanta-based Hala Gorani is a famous TV personality who has worked on CNN international as an anchor and war correspondent based in London. She currently hosts CNN’s Hala Gorani Tonight weeknights at 8 p.m. CET.

Did Hala Gorani Leave CNN And Why Is She Leaving? Find Out What Happened
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Further, Hala co-anchored CNN’s Your World Today with Jim Clancy until February 2009 and then International Desk until April 2014 from Atlanta headquarters. Russian invasion in west Ukraine became the devastating news in February 2022; Hala has worked as a war anchor based in Lviv.

Sadly, On April 28, 2022, Hala announced that she is leaving CNN, and tonight will be her final episode on Hala Gorani Tonight.

The listeners and viewers of the show are sad and showering their love on Hala. But why is she leaving? Here we have covered the answer.

What Has Happened To Hala Gorani, Is She Leaving CNN?

CNN news anchor Hala Gorani is leaving the show as she decided to take a break from daily news to work on other longer-term projects, reported News Journal. Tonight will be her final episode to present the show.

The great @HalaGorani is saying goodbye to @cnn for now. She exemplifies the calm, astute, humility and humanity that so many of us aspire to. Tenacious, fair, thoughtful and reflective- she will be sorely missed! pic.twitter.com/U7Ylrpmkyf

— Clarissa Ward (@clarissaward) April 28, 2022

As per Clarissa Ward’s tweets, the determined Hala said goodbye to @cnn and viewers for now. She exemplifies Hala as calm, astute, and humble as many aspire to be. She will be sorely missed!”

Nevertheless, Hala has worked for CNN for many years. Her ability to ensure her team was seen and heard. She has inspired many young girls who work under her guidance.

Since 2015 Hala Gorani Has Been Married To Her Husband Christian Streib

The veteran journalist Hala Gorani was blissfully married to her German husband, Christian Streib, on June 14, 2015. Her partner is a CNN photojournalist.

Moving on to her family details, Hala is born to Syrian parents from Aleppo. Later, her mom and dad divorced, and she moved to Paris. According to her Twitter post, her mother’s name is Nour.

Does Hala Gorani have any siblings? Yes, she has an elder brother whose name is still unclear.

Regarding her date of birth, On March 1, 2022, Hala turned 52 years of age.

Does Hala Gorani Have Children At The Moment?

Hala Gorani has no children at the moment. There is no sign of her kids on the web.

One interesting fact about Hala is multilinguistic. She can speak three languages Arabic, English, and French.

When she was 24, Hala appeared in a French program on TV. You will raise your eyebrows after knowing about her covering details. She has covered catastrophic disasters to war news. She is fearless for sure.

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