What Is The Hanger Reflex Trend On TikTok And Reddit? Coat Hanger Trick Explained
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What Is The Hanger Reflex Trend On TikTok And Reddit? Tiktok is a social media network where you may gain fast attention and admiration for doing silly and naive things. Learn more about the hanger reaction, which is currently trending in Tiktok.

The fad is gaining traction since a large number of Tiktokers are joining in and obtaining views as a result of their participation.

What Is The Hanger Reflex Trend On TikTok And Reddit? Coat Hanger Trick Explained

Furthermore, people of various demographics and countries appear to be enjoying this trend, as seen by the growth in the frequency of uploads and the number of users watching the video.


What Is The Hanger Reflex Trend On TikTok & Reddit?


The Hanger Reflex trend was quite popular in 2020, the trick was immensely liked, downloaded, and uploaded on social media. However, it faded due to the arrival of other trends, and people’s interest in the media dropped in the hanger trick. 

Nevertheless, the hanger trend has bounced back due to the desire of people for the trick. The hanger trick is simply concerned with wearing a coat hanger into the head. It tightens our heads and gives us the feeling of a rush also rotating the head, further helps to discover the health 

Likewise, people are enjoying the momentum by making an effort in the video, some people are also installing Tiktok to be a part of that moment. Similarly, people are appreciating each other by complementing their efforts. 

@sk.979 #hangerchallege #hanger #wtf #weekend ♬ About Damn Time – Lizzo

Tiktok does seem to bring happiness and togetherness during this difficult circumstance in the world. People seem to enjoy silly puns and videos which give them relaxation and motivation to give their full effort in work and other endeavors. 

Needless to say, the criticisms of their video cannot be denied as some people seem to be frustrated due to their TikTok tend as some individuals are unable to comprehend the social media trends which seems to make it difficult to access required content. 

Coat Hanger Trick Revealed

The coat Hanger trick is related to crowing yourself with the coat hanger and rotating the head which brings a profound effect on the head. 

It is essential for a person without head injury or other issues to perform. Also, the TikTok #hangerreflextrend has been going on for a long while, as people are engaged with their parents, friends, and partners. 

Hence, small kids are also trying the trend which is likely to be dangerous as it is essential for kids to remain cautious and be within the supervision of adults to overcome any unnecessary health risks.

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