Where Are Kevin Kreider Parents From? Ethnicity Nationality And Family Background Explored
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Where Are Kevin Kreider Parents From? Kevin Kreider was born in Korea, but was later adopted by a German and Irish family. Let’s learn more about his birth and adoptive parents, shall we?

Kevin Kreider is a 38-year-old Korean-American actor, fitness model, and lifestyle coach. He also established Taejin Entertainment LLC and Sans Beverage Inc. He was adopted and raised in the United States after being born in Korea.

Where Are Kevin Kreider Parents From? Ethnicity Nationality And Family Background Explored

Kevin started his modeling career in the fitness business. After becoming a model, he was the first Asian-American to greet customers shirtless at Abercrombie & Fitch on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Following that, he was featured in magazines like Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness. He’s done work for Peloton, Gillette, and other brands.

Kreider is also renowned for his Ted Talks and starred in The Ugly Model, a documentary on Asian masculine stereotypes, in 2018. After participating in season 2 of ‘Love Is Blind,” the actor made news once more when he was paired up with Chloe Veitch, the actress of Too Hot To Handle.


Where Are Kevin Kreider Parents From? 

Kevin Kreider’s biological parents are from Korea; whereas, his adoptive parents are American. 

Kevin was born into a Korean household in Seoul, South Korea, on August 21, 1983. However, his birth mother was not ready to take up the responsibility of parenthood and gave Kreiden to his grandfather. His grandfather, in turn, put Kevin up for adoption after which he was adopted by an American family. His adoptive parents are of German and Irish origin, according to reports.

Kreider was three years old when he was brought to America by an American lady called Theresa Adams. He grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and attended the same school as his brother, Luke Kreider.

Kevin felt uneasy about his Korean identity as a teenager, so he studied martial arts to cope with his fear of being bullied. He also worked hard to have a model-like body. He became a fitness coach after graduating from Temple University with a science degree.


Kevin Kreider Ethnicity Nationality And Family Background

Kevin Kreider is a South Korean native of Asian ethnicity.

Mark Kreider, his father, worked as a president at Manheim Imports and also as a managing partner at Auction Management. His mother is a stay-at-home mom. On his Instagram account, he also posted several photos of himself with his mother.

When it comes to Kevin’s siblings, they have a non-biological brother named “Luke Kreider.” His aunt’s name is “Kristen Kreider,” according to his Facebook profile.


More About Bling Empire Kevin Kreider

Kevin Kreider was the only cast member in season one who seemed to be as taken aback by the luxurious lifestyles as we were. The model, who is of Korean origin but was raised in Pennsylvania after being adopted by white parents, did not grow up in the same rich environment as the rest of the ensemble. He also didn’t know as much about Asian culture as his colleagues, but that changed when he encountered the Bling Empire.

Kevin displayed a level of sensitivity throughout the season that set him apart from his castmates, who were generally engrossed in the flash and glam of everyday life. His participation offered a human touch to the otherwise outrageously frivolous program, whether it was soothing Kelly Mi Li as she suffered in her relationship with Andrew or bonding with Kim Lee over their familial troubles and helping her locate her biological father.

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