Where Does Fred Miller Live Now? Explore His 60 Minutes Sharswood Plantation Story
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As mentioned above, CBS correspondent Lesley Stahl interviewed Fred Miller and his family members at Sharswood, discussing what they burrowed concerning the property and its previous occupants. The Air Force veteran was not expecting to unlock hidden chapters from his family’s past.



Fred did not know it at the time, but his new house was once a farm or plantation. Named Sharswood was constructed in the 1850s by a slave-owning uncle and nephew who shared his last name. His sister named, Karen Dixon-Rexroth, who initially persuaded her older brother to purchase the property, and their cousins Dexter Miller and Sonya Womack-Miranda, did most of the investigation into Sharswood’s past.

With the help of Karice Luck-Brimmer, a local historian and genealogist, the Millers uncovered records that proved that their ancestors were once subjugated at Sharswood.

When Shari Finkelstein and Braden Cleveland Bergan first went to Sharswood to meet the family and look around, they were part of a conversation between Dexter Miller and his former coworker Bill Thompson. Their family bought the property in 1917 and has owned it for over a century.

As per a source, Thompson’s sister sold it to Miller in May of 2020. During this discussion, Miller asked Thompson the one question that had been on his mind for many years. Miller asked about the slave cemetery, and Thompson showed it to him.

After that disclosure, the 60 Minutes team chaperoned the Millers to a cluster of trees just beyond Miller’s property line, where for the first time, they saw the alleged burial site of their enslaved forebears. Several weeks later, Lesley Stahl visited the site with Miller, who lives in California, and his sister Karen. So now, Miller has said that he will clean up the cemetery. He plans to create a non-profit foundation to repair the slave quarters on the property to educate people interested in the history of slavery.

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