Who Are Lindy and Miguel From MAFS 2022?
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Who Are Lindy and Miguel From MAFS 2022? Lindy and Miguel are slated to make an appearance on MAFS, and fans are already anticipating their appearance.

The iconic matching show makes its West Coast premiere for the 15th season, with five new couples in San Diego.

On July 6, Lifetime will show a special three-hour season premiere of the popular matchmaking series. PEOPLE got the first look at the ten Southern California singles hoping for long-term love.

This season, relationship experts DeVon Franklin and Dr. Pia Holec will join Pastor Cal and Dr. Pepper. Franklin is a New York Times bestselling author, Hollywood producer, and relationship specialist.

Who Are Lindy and Miguel From MAFS 2022? Wiki And Bio

Lindy and Miguel are introduced as a couple in the 15th season of the popular TV show, Married At First Sight (MAFS).

Fans are looking forward to knowing more about them and what they can bring to the show. The pair appears to have a matching connection together.

People are already starting to talk about Lindy and Miguel on social media handles, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, after their official pictures were released.

Who Are Lindy and Miguel From MAFS 2022?
Fans are excited for the new seaosn of MAFS

For the first time, the reality show will be shown on the West Coast, bringing singles from San Diego together. Lifetime is also giving viewers a look at the social experiment’s participants and experts.

How Old Are MAFS Lindy and Miguel? Age Gap Of Couple

Lindy and Miguel’s ages have been released on the PEOPLE along with some photographs.

Lindy and Miguel have an age gap of 6 years as Lindy is at the age of 29, and Miguel is at the age of 35. They have a good bond with each other.

It was also revealed that Lindy had two relationships in the past that she nearly ended up with, as she even had an engagement ceremony.

But her relationship did not last long, and after she terminated her relationship, she stayed single for two years and now is all set to find a perfect partner for her through the show.

MAFS 2022 Lindy and Miguel Job: Find Out Their Way Of Living

Lindy and Miguel have somewhat similar kinds of jobs as they both deal with the person’s health.

The show has already provided that Lindy is a doctor who deals with physical therapy. On the other hand, Miguel is an associate medical director.

The couple must have an amazing bond as they have the same interest and can relate to their life and profession.

Lindy and Miguel photographed for the People's magazine
Lindy and Miguel photographed for the People’s magazine

Following the eight-week experiment, they’ll have to consider what they want vs. what they have to decide whether to stay married or divorce on Decision Day.

MAFS 2022 Lindy and Miguel Hometown: Where Do They Come From?

Lindy and Miguel come from two different hometowns and even two different countries. Lindy is from the US, and Miguel comes from Puerto Rico.

According to the People’s magazine, Lindy was raised by her parents in Olympia, Washington, and she belongs to the American nationality.

Although Miguel is originally from Manhattan, New York, The United States, he later moved to Puerto Rico when he was ten years old.

Miguel further talked about considering himself a serial monogamist as his parents got divorced and terminated their married life and family.

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