Who Is Fabiana Flosi Bernie Ecclestone Manager Turned Wife? Here Is What You Didn't Know About Her & The Family
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Who Is Fabiana Flosi Bernie Ecclestone Manager Turned Wife? Bernie Ecclestone has been married to his present wife for over a decade. They had employer-employee relationships at first, but they eventually became lovers.

Fabiana Flosi is best known for being the wife of Bernie Ecclestone, a billionaire.

Who Is Fabiana Flosi Bernie Ecclestone Manager Turned Wife? Here Is What You Didn't Know About Her & The Family

After her relationship with the British businessman, she garnered public exposure and grew in fame, with massive fan bases. Their large age difference, however, is what sparked their romance.

Flosi has been thrust into the spotlight as a result of her husband’s recent participation in gun possession and arrest.


Who Is Fabiana Flosi Bernie Ecclestone Manager Turned Wife?


Fabiana Flosi, the third wife of Bernie Ecclestone, is a lawyer by profession.

She met the business magnate for the first time in 2009 at Interlagos. At that time, she was working in the marketing department of the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Flosi’s husband was a divorced man before they entered into marital relations. In fact, three years after the formal separation of Bernie from his second wife Slavica Radic, he announced getting married to Brazilian beauty Fabiana in 2012 and did as said.

This couple has managed to prove one saying true that age is just a number. 

Fabiana Flosi Age And Wikipedia Biography

Fabiana Flosi is aged 45 years old in 2022. She shares an age gap of almost 50 years with her better half, who is 91 now.

We learned that she is also involved as an FIA vice-president and member of the World Motor Sport Council. 

According to Fabiana Flosi’s featured Wikipedia bio, her husband turned 90 when their first son was born. And, after over seven years of togetherness, they eventually welcomed their first child.

What Is Fabiana Flosi Net Worth?

Fabiana Flosi has a net worth collection of around $20 million.

Celebrity Networth, also added that she was a marketing director for Formula 1 racing and also became a VP of Marketing for the Brazilian Grand Prix.

And given her marital connection to one of the billionaires in the world, she also has a portion of Bernie’s wealth of $3.3 billion in 2022.


Fabiana Flosi Children And Family

Fabiana Flosi shares one biological son with her significant other and her family also includes her stepchildren. She and Bernie welcomed their baby boy Alexander Charles Ecclestone (Ace) in July 2020.

Aside from her biological son, she also acts as a stepmother to Bernie’s three daughters from his previous relationships.

With the love of Flosi and Ecclestone growing each day and their fruit of love, their son, they have kept their marriage strong and going over the years. 


Was Fabiana Flosi Arrested?


No, Fabiana Flosi was not arrested but her husband Bernie was arrested in brazil for the illegal possession of weapon as he was carrying a gun.

Well, at the airport, he was caught by the police after finding a firearm during an X-ray screening.

According to The Guardian, Mr. Ecclestone was let go after paying bail and also after admitting ownership of the gun. 

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