Who Is Hola Soy Dora Girl On TikTok? Meaning Explained
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Who Is Hola Soy Dora Girl On TikTok? Hello, my name is Dora Girl, and I’m a digital content creator from Florida who started making funny things in July of 2020. Continue reading to learn more about the internet’s most famous girl.

Despite the fact that her name is Rebekah Vallejo, most people know her as the girl who publishes hilarious Dora the Explorer videos on YouTube. While impersonating Dora, she was assaulted by a sandwich and suffered a nervous breakdown.

Who Is Hola Soy Dora Girl On TikTok? Meaning Explained

She has even been dubbed the “greatest Spanish teacher” by some.

She’s also known as @mcbeks on Twitch. Despite the fact that she has yet to post any videos, she has 8.7K followers.


Who Is Hola Soy Dora Girl On TikTok?


Hola Soy Dora Girl is a digital creative who garnered a lot of attention after her Dora the Explorer imitation went viral. Under the username @bekahvallejo, she has over 1.8 million TikTok followers.

Her Instagram handle is the same as her TikTok account, which has over 73.3K followers. The majority of her TikTok content is titled Dora does this or Dora does that.

@edits_somahi_ hola soy dora 🤓👍 #dora #fypシ゚viral #sandwich #lenteja #parati ♬ sonido original – holam 💙

She describes herself as a clone of Dora the Explorer on her Instagram account. She can play the guitar and has shared a few photos of herself on Instagram.

Find Hola Soy Dora Real Name

Rebekah Vallejo, aka Hola Soy Dora Girl, was born on April 19, 2000, making her 21 years old. She and her partner presently reside in New York City.

She was born in Tampa, Florida, and her first experience with snow was in January of this year.


Hola soy Dora

♬ Originalton – wataboutthis

In July of 2020, Rebekah began posting content on TikTok. She has earned over 1.8 million followers since then. Her posts have received more than 47.8 million likes.

Who Is Hola Soy Dora Boyfriend?

C.J. Panera has been dating Rebekah Vallejo, commonly known as Hola Soy Dora Girl on TikTok, for quite some time.

They have been dating for nearly a year, but when they met is unknown. On Instagram, he uses the handle @cjpanera. He’s also known as @noparesigue on TikTok.


Hola soy Dora 😃

♬ DORA THE BAD B – Nikita Dragun

On January 10, 2021, he posted a public photo of the two of them dressed similarly on Instagram. He looks to be a singer or entertainer based on his Instagram account.

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