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Find out ‘Who Is Katie Maloney’s Current Boyfriend?’ American actress, entrepreneur, and TV personality Katie Maloney works in all three of these fields. She is well-known because to the Bravo reality series “Vanderpump Rules.” Maloney first featured on television in 2008.

She portrayed Sara Ford in the film “A True Story” as well as Ashley in Harper’s Globe in 2009. She was also a founding member of the lifestyle, fashion, and beauty website Pucker & Pout. She also served as a producer and music supervisor for the BlackBoxTV program.


Who Is Katie Maloney’s Current Boyfriend?

Who Is Katie Maloney’s Current Boyfriend?


If you’re interested in learning more about her personal life, you should be aware that she was once married to renowned actor Tom Schwartz. They decided to split up in 2022 and announced it to the public. Following that, there were allegations that Katie Maloney was dating Satchel Clendenin, a famous person 10 years her junior. We’ll talk about her previous relationship as well as her present one with her new boyfriend in this article.

Who Is Katie Maloney’s Current Boyfriend?

Now that her divorce from Tom Schwartz is official, Katie Maloney is dating actor Satchel Clendenin, according to an exclusive report from Us Weekly. Katie Maloney’s new love is Satchel Clendenin. Because he hasn’t done much acting, Vanderpump Rules viewers might not be familiar with him yet.


Who Is Katie Maloney’s Current Boyfriend?

Who Is Katie Maloney’s Current Boyfriend?


He portrayed Matt in the 2022 film Remy & Arletta, and he played Finn in the 2020 film The Sequence of an Adolescent Revenge. He has been in a few theatrical productions and music videos, according to his web CV. Like Maloney, he worked as a restaurant server, according to his LinkedIn profile. The 5’11” hockey player now resides in Los Angeles after having played in Bethesda, Maryland. His birthday is March 26, 1997.


Kaite Maloney Confirmed Her Relationship With Satchel Clendenin

A source claims that since they started dating, the 35-year-old Vanderpump Rules star’s boyfriend, who is 10 years her junior and resides in Los Angeles, has “meet some of” her co-stars and “hang out with some of her pals.”

I’m just a fun-loving person who likes to kiss, she said. a somebody who doesn’t take himself too seriously. There are many really young men, and it’s enjoyable as well. I suppose I’m a cougar now. I can date both young guys and the dads of young men because I’m 36. As a result, I enjoy it. I am unable to return to where I was six months ago. Where I am right now is where it must be. I’ve spent a lot of time grieving, mourning, and healing. I can’t keep picking at those wounds and forcing myself to return to places I don’t want to go back to now that I’ve come so far.


Kaite Maloney Confirmed Her Relationship With Satchel Clendenin

Kaite Maloney Confirmed Her Relationship With Satchel Clendenin


In the past, Katie has stated that she didn’t want to discuss her breakup with Tom on the upcoming season of the Bravo reality series. She said that she attempted to end her relationship with 40-year-old Schwartz by joining the exclusive dating app Raya, but she was rejected.

She said, “I thought, ‘This is a sign,’ since they put me on the waitlist.” “Instagram functions. Simply slip in some DMs. That’s the situation. Instagram is a useful tool for networking. Additionally, the males are all rather young. But that is also kind of fun.”


Maloney Was Previously Married To Tom Schwartz

Maloney and Tom Schwartz were previously wed. After over 12 years of dating, she and Schwartz split in March. Only three of those years were spent as a married couple, in part because they discovered that their August 2016 “wedding” in front of Bravo cameras wasn’t actually legal. Because of this, they officially wed in July 2019. The divorce was agreed upon in September, and last Monday it was officially finalized.


Maloney Was Previously Married To Tom Schwartz

Maloney Was Previously Married To Tom Schwartz


After Katie Maloney revealed she is seeing a 25-year-old, Tom Schwartz of Vanderpump Rules discussed his thoughts on her new man. On November 5, when he was hosting Nola’s Bar & Lounge’s one-year anniversary celebration at Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City, Tom made an exclusive statement to The U.S. Sun: “I will back anybody she wants to date.”


More Details About Katie Maloney Biography

Fans are looking up the biography of American reality television star, actress, and producer Katie Maloney. You may find Katie Maloney’s biography and many more data right here.
In the year 1987, January 16, Katie Maloney was born. Due to Katie Maloney’s rising fame, several people are interested to find out her biography. Yes, the biography of Katie Maloney is provided here.

Let’s start with Katie Maloney’s age, which is 35 according to healthyceleb. Katie Maloney is listed as being 5 feet 8 inches tall on See the table below for a detailed biography of Katie Maloney.


What Is Katie Maloney Net Worth?

Katie Maloney has achieved great fame and success. Here is the information if you are one of those looking for Katie Maloney’s net worth. Katie Maloney’s net worth is assessed at $1.5 million by


Katie Maloney Height And Weight Explored

If you’re curious about Katie Maloney’s height, you can look it up in this area. Katie Maloney is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 68, according to healthyceleb.


Despite being married in 2016, they eventually admitted that they weren’t actually legally wed.

The Viall Files broadcast from December 1 included Katie saying, “I still have relationships with them both, even if we don’t always get out like the three of us used to. Although a lot has changed, I wouldn’t say it’s awkward. They have advanced.

From the beginning of the season, Katie was adamant that she wanted to be transparent with the audience about her infertility struggles. She advised them to be open and honest about their background, which included acknowledging that they had had an abortion, in order to fully understand the nature of their problem.

She posts frequently on her platforms and is quite active on all social media sites. She has more than 16.5k Twitter followers, 3.1k Facebook fans, and 2.9k Instagram followers.


Where Does Katie Maloney Live?

Maloney has not provided any information about her present address. As soon as new information becomes available, this page will be updated.


Why Did Katie Maloney Lose Weight?

Fans know that Katie Maloney will be quite honest, whether she is discussing a dream podcast guest or some of the difficult things she has gone through. She has also been open about losing a few pounds.

According to People, Katie Maloney started working with a nutritionist after talking about wanting to lose weight. The nutritionist said that she is “insulin-resistant or insulin-sensitive” and that her metabolism requires certain dietary considerations.

Katie said she has a solid grasp of nutrition and what foods she should and shouldn’t be consuming, and that she feels comfortable and secure about her diet.


Why Did Katie Maloney Lose Weight?

Why Did Katie Maloney Lose Weight?


Although Katie’s suspicion that she had a thyroid disorder was unfounded, she is glad that she started taking care of herself since “my glucose levels were very high, and that could’ve lead to some maybe pre-diabetic concerns,” she said.

According to reports, Katie encouraged individuals to embrace themselves and use more better language when speaking about themselves on her Instagram account.


Katie Maloney Started A Podcast And Speaks Honestly About Many Topics

Fans of Vanderpump Rules will undoubtedly be eager to listen to “You’re Gonna Love Me,” a podcast that Katie Maloney has launched.

Katie stated to Entertainment Tonight that she enjoys conducting interviews on her podcast since she can go into further detail about certain subjects.

Says Katie “I think it would be incredibly interesting to learn more about them personally, even if it’s just tidbits like their favorite childhood memories or how they were in high school. I wanted you to experience something that was truly human by going a bit deeper, widening your horizons, and attempting to set aside preconceived notions and biases. I truly enjoy conversing with individuals, getting to know them, and having my beliefs challenged.”


Katie Maloney Started A Podcast And Speaks Honestly About Many Topics

Katie Maloney Started A Podcast And Speaks Honestly About Many Topics


Fans of Vanderpump Rules are familiar with Katie’s honesty and her willingness to discuss the difficult things in her life. People said that Katie fell through a skylight and had a catastrophic accident in which she fractured her jaw, suffered a brain damage, and shattered several other bones. Due to this incident, Katie and Tom have experienced reproductive issues.

According to Katie Maloney, who discussed her abortion on the podcast “Reality Life with Kate Casey,” she had the procedure done ten years ago because she and Tom realized it wasn’t the appropriate time to start a family.

Katie said that it was very challenging to recover from the accident “The brain is incredibly complex, making it challenging to comprehend how it functions and how brain damage affects mood, personality, and emotions. I’m still learning how to grasp and traverse it, so to speak.”

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