Who Is Lara Kamper AKA Lara Phillips - Big Brother AU Contestant Age Wikipedia And More Details
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Who Is Lara Kamper AKA Lara Phillips? Lara Kamper was a housemate in Big Brother Australia’s 14th season. Before being evicted on the 16th day in the house, the 52-year-old was the show’s oldest contestant.

On May 5, 2022, Big Brother Australia premiered. Sonia Kruger, who is hosting her seventh season, returns to host the new season. Contenders vs Royalty is the idea for this season, in which new housemates compete against returning roommates.

Lara Phillips is the proud grandma of Jed, her daughter’s kid. Find out more about the mother of four children.

Who Is Lara Kamper AKA Lara Phillips On Big Brother AU?

Lara Kamper aka Lara Phillips is a Bateau Bay, New South Wales woman who was a housemate in the 2022 season of Big Brother Australia but was evicted on the 16th day. She is mostly known for her infamous “pillow flip” incident in the show.

During the second week of the show, Lara chose to nominate  Mel Todd instead of Joel Notley by flipping a pillow. She didn’t call the sides before flipping, a move that outraged the housemates and the fans. Eventually, Mel was eliminated in the episode and the 52-year-old received a lot of backlash from the fans for the move.

The mother of four recalls how Big Brother literally saved her life. During the screening process to enter the house, the contestants had to undergo medical checks. Lara’s test result revealed that she had pre-cancer cells in her cervix. The early diagnosis helped the 52-year-old diagnose the disease properly on time.

Who Is Lara Kamper AKA Lara Phillips
Lara with her daughter and grandson.

Lara Kamper Family Details

Lara Kampers is a single mother of four. She divorced her husband when she was 40 years old.

The Big Brother contestant’s daughter is a senior hairstylist at Chic hair and Co. She is happily married and is the mother of a baby boy, Jed, making Lara a proud grandmother. The 52-year-old is seen frequently spending time with her grandson, who has been a friend to the lonely grandma.

Lara’s three sons run a business together. They are the owners of a waste management company called Skip and Scraps. The business is a family business of the Kampers, which was previously named Kampers Scrap Metal and was run by their grandfather.

Lara's children and grandson.
Lara’s children and grandson.

Lara Kamper Age Details

Lara Kamper is currently 52 years old. Her birthday is yet unknown.

The mother of four divorced her husband when she was 40 years old, a decision that turned her life upside down. She took bodybuilding as a means to divert her mind from the fall of her marriage. She took part in a bodybuilding contest as a challenge to herself and won the competition. She eventually won the Overall Champion Award.

This season of Big Brother is hosted by the returning Sonia Kruger. New episodes air every week on Seven Network.

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