Who Is Parker Lipman Parents? Meet His Dad And Mom - Buckhead Shore Cast Details
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Who Is Parker Lipman Parents? Parker Lipman made an appearance on MTV’s “Buckhead Shore,” a spin-off of “Jersey Shore.” Here’s what we know about Lipman, a reality show competitor.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation will air again on June 23, followed by the premiere of Buckhead Shore. For the first time in five years, MTV is getting a new shore group.

Who Is Parker Lipman Parents? Meet His Dad And Mom - Buckhead Shore Cast Details

Parker Lipman is one of the show’s participants who is planning a trip to the lake for their yearly summer vacation.

Juju Barney, Katie Canham, Savannah Gabriel, Adamo Giraldo, Bethania Locke, Chelsea Prescott, DJ Simmons, Michael “Lil Magic” Barney, Jr., Patrick Muresan, and Savannah Nicole Gabriele are among the (claimed) participants on the show.


Who Are Parker Lipman’s Parents? Dad Mom And Siblings


Parker Lipman was born to his mother Cmcleroy (@mrschik3n) and his father whose details are to be explored. He often features his parents on his social media including his siblings. 

However, he still maintains to keep their details far from the limelight. He has four siblings/cousins  Christopher, Daniel, Collin, and Lainey. 

Parker sadly lost his grandmother Leslie Joy Lipman on November 17, 2021. Joy was a stunning model who also performed on stage for many years.

Lipman’s grandfather Dr. Bernard S. Lipman also passed away years ago. 

Meet Parker Lipman’s Girlfriend Savannah Gabriel


Parker Lipman is appearing on Buckhead Shore, a summer getaway, with his girlfriend Savannah Gabriel. They have yet to go Instagram official as both of them haven’t posted each other on their respective account. 

Viewers will get to witness them explore their relationship on the show. Meanwhile, he will also be spending his first single summer under the same roof as his ex  Katie Canham, the “queen bae”. 

The further details of Savannah are yet to be revealed online. 

Parker Lipman Is One Of The Cast Of Buckhead Shore

Parker Lipman is one of the casts of Jersy Shore spinoff Buckhead Shore. He took his Instagram to reveal that he will be appearing on the reality show which is soon airing on MTV. 

Lipman has more than 41k followers and 799 posts at the time of this writing. His last post is about the announcement of his arrival on the show. 

Viewers are introduced to the new crew from the “Beverly Hills of Atlanta” in an exclusive trailer for the back-to-back premiere event.

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