Who Is Salv8dor On TikTok? Texas Elementary School Shooting Video Footage On Twitter
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Who Is Salv8dor On TikTok? Salv8dor, a Tiktok user, is a Texas Elementary school kid suspected of being involved in the school shooting. He is only an adolescent.

Governor Greg Abbott revealed that a shooting at Rob Elementary School in Uwald, Texas, killed 14 children and a teacher on Tuesday.

The incident occurred in the Uwald Integrated Independent School District, some 85 miles west of San Antonio, according to WOAI.

On May 24, at 5:22 p.m. ET, the following was updated: According to the Associated Press, Abbott stated at a press conference that the alleged gunman, Salvador Ramos, had been killed by rescuers.

Who Is Salv8dor On TikTok?

The accused Salvador Ramos aka Salv8dor, a high school adolescent from Uvalde, was 18 years old. In the footage, he appears to be frail. He was a Uvalde High School student.

Ramos was of Latino descent. He may have been reported to the authorities and had previously made death threats, but he was not apprehended.

People were devasted at the school shooting incident
People were devasted at the school shooting incident

Ramos is a Uvalde, Texas native. He is almost certainly a Hispanic immigrant. Salvador had been holding grudges against innocent people for a very long time.

His motivation for the crime, however, has yet to be discovered. President Joe Biden expresses his sorrow for the horrific incident.

On behalf of the president, White House press secretary Karine-Jean said that the president’s prayers are with the families who have been affected by the tragic tragedy and that he will speak about it when he gets to the White House.

Investigators have suspected Salv8dor to be involved in the Texas Elementary school shooting after the video footage was leaked on Twitter.

Just after 5 p.m., White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre tweeted. President Joe Biden has been updated on the incident and will continue to keep an eye on it.

Salvador Ramos, an 18-year-old suspect in the shooting, has been identified by Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Just after 1 p.m., the high school student was arrested. He allegedly killed his grandmother before starting primary school, according to KHOU.

According to the Associated Press, the Texas Governor Greg Abbott stated Tuesday afternoon that 14 pupils and a teacher were slain in the incident.

According to ABC News, officials at Uwald Memorial Hospital reported at least two children were murdered and more than a dozen were injured in the event.

Two victims, an adult and a kid, are currently being treated at the University Hospital. According to Kens, several pupils are being treated at Uwald Memorial Hospital.

People Want To Know Salv8dor Age And Real Name

Salv8dor whose real name is Salvador Ramos and at the age of 18 years old has caused a huge crime.

All the details of his family and personal life are kept private as this situation may harm his close persons.

Who Is Salv8dor On TikTok?
Salvador Ramos is making headlines on News channel and websites after the incident

Ramos has shot his grandmother at home before moving on to the cold-hearted massacre. He was a deranged monster who didn’t even spare his grandfather’s life.

According to multiple sources, the guy parked his truck near the varsity and entered the building, where he began firing at people at random.

After arriving at Uvalde Memorial Hospital, two patients were found useless, and the remaining 13 drew their last breath on the hospital grounds.

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