Who Murdered Constantine Dean Milo? Wikipedia Wife Children And Family
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Constantine Dean Milo was killed by his own younger brother Frederick Milo a.k.a Fred. Dean Milo’s death was at the behest of his younger brother.

Bath Township, Ohio, is home to the billionaire families like Firestone, a very discreet and quiet place, the last place one would expect to find the body of the CEO with two bullets in the back of his head.

Sunday morning on 11 August 1980, police rushed to a family home on an exclusive street. “When we entered a house, I observed a male lying down on the floor facedown,” described captain Larry Momchilov.

Right in the entranceway, a dead man lies in a pool of blood. The neighbors have not heard a single sound. Both the front and back doors were locked.

The officer concluded the crime was related to money, greed, and especially the family. Fred and Sophie, Dean’s siblings, were meant to have equal shares, but Dean made himself first among equals.

Dean Milo was why the company raised to the top and no longer wanted his brother or sister anything to do with the company. Both of them were furious, and it became crucial to who will be in control of the company.

Fred wanted to be the one in control, and his only solution was to murder and hire some guys to murder his own brother.

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