Why Is Joji Leaving 88rising
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Why Is Joji Leaving 88rising? Joji’s departure from 88 Rising has been tempered by the fact that nearly all of his tracks have been transferred to his new channel. Let’s delve deeper into the article and examine the specifics in greater detail.

Joji, a Japanese singer, was scheduled to play at Coachella 2022 when he was forced to curtail his act short due to health concerns. Since his broadcast was abruptly canceled without warning, fans are furious with the event organizers.

Why Is Joji Leaving 88rising, What Happened Between Them? Fans Are Convinced About His Departure

Fans continued to condemn Coachella and 88rising as the situation surrounding the summer festival became more serious.

This latter entity is a record label for which Joji has performed. There is a widespread belief among the audience that the two insisted that the singer keep performing despite the fact that he was ill.


Why Is Joji Leaving 88rising? What Happened Between Them?

Joji and bonobo collaborated on a song that was published as a single and titled “From You.” Both 88rising and Joji have neither stated nor verified that the song would be released.

Now that we have reason to believe that Joji and 88rising have not been getting along very well, we will proceed. It probably makes it seem a little strange as a result.

88 would have promoted the song if everything was in the correct condition, but they haven’t, which suggests that they either haven’t taken part in it or they don’t care about it. 

Nectar Tour Details

On the Nectar tour, what exactly actually occurred is completely a mystery to all of us. Joji hasn’t posted anything related to it either, and we haven’t truly heard from him since nectar.

The only thing he’s said is that he’s going on tour, but that’s about it. When the gigs in London were postponed, all he did was delete the related social media posts and kept the news from the general public; 88 Rising did the same thing.

Joji Health Condition

The formerly popular YouTuber has been quite open about his ongoing health struggles. He suffers from a neurological condition that has not been acknowledged.

During a prior interview, he disclosed that the same thing caused him to have stress-induced seizures. He also disclosed that he was unable to continue his profession on YouTube because of the toll it had on his health.

In an official statement issued in 2017, the singer explained that his comic work on YouTube as Filthy Frank and Pink Guy was coming to a stop due to “severe health concerns,” which included, but were not limited to, throat tissue damage and neurological conditions.

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