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Congratulations are in order for Yara Shahidi! And why you ask? Well, the talented young woman has officially graduated from Harvard!


Hollywood and beyond, posted congratulatory messages for the young graduate. 

“Congratulations, Yara!” Former First Lady, Michelle Obama offered on a recent Instagram post. “This is such a special accomplishment. I am so proud of you and the strong example you’ve set for others to follow.”

Shahidi’s Black-ish co-star, Marcus Scribbner, posted on the same Instagram post, “Let’s gooooo seeesterrer.”

And Lexi Underwood posted, “Congratulations!” 

The messages went on and on and on. And of course, they were all well deserved. 


For the important life milestone, Shahidi wore a custom Dior suit and told Vogue Magazine in a recent interview that, “she’s celebrated most of her important moments in a suit.” 

“Fun fact: I’ve celebrated most of my important moments in a suit,” Shahidi told the popular fashion outlet. “This outfit also highlights the person I once was, while also showcasing the evolution of the person I am becoming—aligning perfectly with the theme of graduation.”

Shahidi continued, “It’s practically built: Graduation is a day filled with lots of walking and sitting, and choosing a skort with pockets was a must!” 


Shahidi also told Vogue that she studied within the Ivy League institution’s Social Studies & African American departments, concentrating on “Black political thought under a neocolonial landscape.” Shahidi completed a 136-page thesis paper before her graduation. 

So, just what was the most rewarding part of turning in her thesis? “Simply proving to herself that she could do it.”

“It was important for me, as a young adult, to prove to myself—during these times of transition—that I am capable, and perhaps more capable than I give myself credit,” Shahidi told Vogue. “Having a final product, and being in conversation with people who appreciate what I had to offer, was a necessary way to end my journey with a newfound confidence. I was grateful so many people were willing to be there for me, in expected and unexpected ways.”


Now that she is officially a college graduate, what is next for this Grown-ish actress? 

“I love what I do in the acting, entertainment, and producing worlds. I am so excited for this future moment of being able to pour my all into all of those areas,” said Shahidi. “For the majority of my career, I’ve always had an essay or assignment due. This feels like a new chapter where I can invest time into more of what I love to do.”

Shahidi continued, “As somebody that always tries to be socially engaged, I am looking forward to being able to deepen my work. My concentration emphasized that by studying our history, and our past and projected futures. I’m most excited by creating opportunities to exercise what I’ve learned—and to be flexible to learn so much more.”

Congratulations, Yara! We know that your post-Harvard life will be just as exiting if not more. 

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