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Trial of The Chicago 7: Cast, Plot Update & What We Know So Far

Netflix has few mighty shows in its treasure chest. One of the finest and exquisite movies which will fetch several famous awards is the Trial of Chicago 7. It is an amazing drama written as well as directed by Aaron Sorkin, to be available on the platform from 16th October 2020.

The Chicago 7 traces how a peaceful protest outside the Democratic Convention in 1968 suddenly converted into an extremely fatal clash with the police officers and the National Guard.

The organizers of the protest were Abbie Hoffman (Cohen), Tom Hayden (Redmayne), Jerry Rubin (Strong), and Bobby Seale (Abdul- Mateen).

They were charged with a conspiracy to instigate the riot and the trial that occurred thereafter was one of the most notorious and horrendous ones in history.

Behind the success of any film, there is always an amazing star cast. The film boasts some impressive star cast, including Sacha Baron Cohen, Eddie Redmayne, Yahya Abdul- Mateen II, Frank Langella, Jeremy Strong, and Joseph Gordon- Levitt. This movie also includes Mark Rylance, John Carroll Lynch, Ben Shenkman, Kelvin Harrison Jr., and Danny Flaherty.

Additional Details:

Netflix bought Sorkin’s film from Paramount for $56 million. But, this project has been in progress for more than a decade, with several rumors sparking in between the progress. One of them is the most controversial one is Steven Spielberg’s attachment with Paul Greengrass.

However, according to the Vanity Fair first look of the movie, from over the summer, Cohen gave some strong words in the film’s teaser. He mentioned, Sorkin is as genius and talented as Shakespeare, with a lot of consistency in directing skills. Sorkin also doesn’t have a Titus Andronicus.

Sources also revealed, Strong is a die-hard method actor on set. He goes to extremes to let the riotous and the struggling environment of the period to seep into him and become a perfectionist.

However, according to Sorkin, while filming several riot scenes in Chicago’s Grant Park, Strong had a unique demand. According to Strong’s demand, he requested an ex-cop starring as a stormtrooper in the movie, to throw him to the ground before each take. Jeremy also begged Sorkin to spray him with the real tear gas, but Sorkin declined to fulfill his this absurd demand.


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