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UK Civil Service account tweets about ‘arrogant and offensive’ PM

The tweet has now been deleted
The tweet has now been deleted (Picture: Picture: PA /UK Civil Service)

A tweet sent from the official UK Civil Service account has said: ‘Arrogant and offensive. Can you imagine having to work with these truth twisters?’

The tweet, which was liked over 30,000 times before being deleted, came after prime minister Boris Johnson gave a press conference defending senior aide Dominic Cummings for allegedly breaking lockdown rules.

It was not clear if the account had been hacked or if the tweet had been posted from somebody working there. Some speculated the tweet had been shared accidentally from somebody who meant to post it on a personal account.

Despite being deleted, the tweet is still being widely shared on Twitter.

Many joked that whoever wrote the tweet was ‘following their instincts’ – a reference to the PM’s defence of Cummings when he said he ‘followed the instincts of every father and every parent’ when he reportedly sought childcare from his parents in County Durham.



BBC Newsnight policy editor Lewis Goodall wrote: ‘This has just been tweeted from the UK Civil Service account. This is the craziest political weekend for a long time.’

A UK Government spokesperson said: ‘An unauthorised tweet was posted on a government channel this evening.

‘The post has been removed and we are investigating the matter.’

Picture: UK Civil Service
The tweet was liked thousands of times (Picture: UK Civil Service)

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Source: Metro News UK

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