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Victoria records deadliest day of pandemic

Premier Daniel Andrews has announced $250,000 in new funding for more counselling services for healthcare workers on the frontline of Victoria’s coronavirus crisis, including nurses, midwives and personal care workers.

“Many, many in our health team, particularly nurses, midwives, personal care workers, are doing it very tough,” Mr Andrews said.

“Particularly those nurses and personal care workers who have gone into aged care settings in fundamental crisis – you can’t unsee what you’ve seen.

“There is a degree of trauma, a degree of previously unknown levels of really, really challenging circumstances. It’s an incredibly difficult area in many of the settings.

“That’s not to say it’s easy across-the-board. Our health heroes are doing an amazing job and it’s appropriate that we stand with them, not just with PPE and all of the other supports that we provide, but also providing them, if they need it, with the counselling and support services that they need.”

Source: 9News

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