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Violent confrontation between LA County Sheriff’s deputy, driver caught on video

LYNWOOD, Calif. — Disturbing video shows what appears to be a controversial use of force by a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy entering a vehicle.

In the video, a deputy is seen punching and trying to drag a driver out of the car.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva says he has seen the video and has questions and concerns – both about the use of force and for the well-being of another deputy who was injured in the incident.

The incident involved a confrontation between a driver and a sheriff’s deputy in Lynwood.

Omar Medina was in the car, while his brother Jesus was driving. He says they were pulled over and were told it was for a tinted window and a sticker violation.

As the discussion between Jesus and the deputy escalated, Omar began recording.

“He was already trying to open the door before the video started, just over a simple traffic ticket,” said Omar Medina.

The deputy and the driver, Jesus Medina, argue back and forth for several minutes and the deputy is seen reaching into the vehicle as Jesus tries to get him to stop.

Then a female deputy approaches as the encounter intensifies and the deputy punches Omar Medina several times.

Villanueva says he saw the video but he has not seen all of the raw footage.

“I have one concern, and I have a lot of questions,” the sheriff said. “The one concern I have is for the safety of the female deputy, who was kicked in the stomach by one of the suspects. She fell to the ground. She broke her arm in three places.”

Jesus Medina was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer, resisting the officer and driving without a license. The video posted online does not show Medina kicking the deputy.

A passenger was arrested for failure to comply with a lawful order. A rear passenger was arrested for possession of methamphetamine for sales.

Villanueva says the incident is under investigation.

“We’re doing a thorough investigation from the criminal side. We’re doing also one in terms of policy, and the application of force and will. That process is going to take a while to resolve, but investigations are active and ongoing.”

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