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Watch Stephen Colbert Use His Wife’s Makeup to ‘Return Face to Normal’

Too funny! Stephen Colbert played around with some of his wife’s makeup to help “return his face to normal” while in self quarantine — and it’s fantastic.

On Wednesday, March 25, the late night host posted a video to Instagram showcasing a quick little beauty regimen.

“Today we’re going to take off whatever that is,” he says pointing to his gray facial hair. “I would call it a beard but I think that’s very generous. I was going to grow this out while we were all going through this but I don’t actually want to actually look like an extra in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road when this things over.”

But before he tackles a shave, he says he wants to “zhuzh up” the rest of his face. So he turns to his wife’s collection of makeup and beauty products. Out of the bag he says he’s allowed to use, he pulls out Revision Intellishade Matte tinted moisturizer and applies it all around his eyes and nose. “I don’t have my glasses on so I’m kind of doing this makeup by echo location,” he jokes.

Next, he whips out a multitasking eye shadow, primer and liner in a rosy hue. “I know what an eye shadow and eye liner is, but what is a primer,” he wonders. “This thing does all of it?”

He gives it a try, turning to another mirror to give himself “a little cat eye” by drawing a somewhat messy along the bottom lash line. Though we’re not sure cat eye is the right term for it.

“What else have we got here?”

When the video cuts to “five minutes later,” the late night host is seen entering the bathroom sporting a suit, tie and a goatee. He then goes into an impression of Robert Downey Jr. playing Ironman‘s Tony Stark and it’s honestly kind of amazing. To see the entire imitation, watch the video above.

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Source: Us Weekly

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