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Who is the character named as Velasco in the show Narcos?

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Many of us have seen the show Narcos and the latest season of the show as well. Narcos is a popular show it is related to crime drama series which also tells the story of real-life drug trafficking in Columbia. But the fans and some of the sources have questioned that Who is Velasco in Narcos?

Velasco in the show Narcos


In the Narcos series or show Alejandro Buitrago who plays the character as Velasco, who is a high-ranked member of the Medellin Cartel which was then run by Escobar in the year 1970’s and the 80’s.  His main role in the series is sicario for the cartel, which also means that a ‘hitman’ or even known as ‘hired-killer’ when he was referring to Latin America drug cartels.

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The Colombian cartel member first appears in the episode which is named as Despegue, which is the tenth and the very final episode of the very first season of the show. he appears in a total of seven episodes, now with his last appearance being in The Enemies of My Enemy, which is also the fifth of the second season.

Velasco in the show Narcos

Velasco is very first seen with the character Escobar working in the La Catedral as one of his main or major men. He is also one of the key players Escobar trusts the most and then he is left in charge of his other men too. So, the fans know that he is one of the important men in the show and also for the other characters as well.

He also reveals updates and pieces of information about the very latest happenings within the area and we can say Mendelian. So he has got a really important work to do with his friends and his men. He was even taken as a prisoner by the Pepes, who is a combined group of paramilitary and also the members of the Mendelian Cartel close to Judy Moncada who is also another cartel member and important as well.

So the fans should go and watch the show that is what is recommended.

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Source: Honk News

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