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Why Unicorns Of Love Deserve To Be In The Main Event Of ‘LoL’ Worlds

Unicorns of Love is one of the most storied teams in the history of European and CIS League of Legends. The team was a stalwart of the EU LCS before franchising came in a few years ago, bringing crazy antics, bright pink merch and lots of support everywhere they went. Then after missing out on the LEC the team took to the LCL CIS league and has been dominant ever since. An impressive performance this year earned a spot in the play in stage of the League of Legends World Championship, but really Unicorns of Love deserve a spot in the main event. 

I must confess that I haven’t watched much of the LCL this year, or any year for that matter, but I do know how stacked the top end of that competition is. The top teams feature some big-name players and the quality of play is pretty high, especially compared to some other regional leagues.

Unicorns of Love has dominated the competition this year, going undefeated in summer to earn the spot at Worlds. Really there is no team that can touch UoL in the region, and the players have not been able to prove themselves against teams of a similar level. 

The closest we have been able to see the core players of UoL playing to their best against top opponents was in the play in stage at Worlds 2019, where three of the current lineup just missed out on the main event. Kirill “AHaHaCiK” Skvortsov, Vladislav “BOSS” Fomin and Lev “Nomanz” Yakshin all played at Worlds last year and put on an impressive show. 

A best of one loss to Clutch Gaming put them in one of the hardest matchups possible to qualify for the main event, a best of five against Splyce who ended up making the quarterfinals of Worlds. UoL almost managed to pull off the win back then, just falling 3-2 and being eliminated. 

This year things will hopefully be different, and UoL will make it out of the play in stage and into the main event. It will not be an easy task, the play in stage is stacked with some very good teams, but UoL will finally get a chance to show how good they really are against top teams, and if last year is anything to go by they really do deserve to be in the main event. 

Add in the incredible energy, bright colors and joyous play that Unicorns of Love bring to the Rift and tournament as a whole and you can see why Worlds 2020 will be better off if they do make it to the main event. With Worlds being a little more muted than usual due to the pandemic, but still looking impressive, the hype of UoL will help to bring the big event feel to the competition. They probably won’t win Worlds, and even making it out of the group stage in the main event would be a tough task, but there is no doubt that Worlds will be a much more enjoyable experience if the Unicorns of Love make it to the main event.


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