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From: Inside Story

The UN has warned more than half the Somali populations is at risk of severe hunger or starvation this year.

The Horn of Africa region is facing its driest conditions in decades after three consecutive rainy seasons failed.

Aid agencies say only a tiny fraction of the funds needed for food assistance has been raised, as the world focuses on the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

Further complicating the response is the political and security situation. The armed group al-Shabab has been stepping up attacks while the government’s been paralysed by a dispute between the president and prime minister.

The United Nations is warning more than half of Somalia’s people are at risk of severe hunger or starvation this year.

Presenter: Dareen Abughaida


Mursal Mohamed Khaliif – Minister of planning and international cooperation in Somalia’s semi-autonomous region of Jubbaland

Hodan Ali – Nurse practitioner and senior adviser to the mayor of Mogadishu

Omar Mahmood – Senior Eastern Africa analyst at the International Crisis Group

Source: Al Jazeera

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