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This brazen guy used to social media to show off a picture of himself holding a stack of cash and to pose an open-ended question about the world’s richest man, Elon Musk worth.

The online user, who goes by the handle Juju (@ihyjuju), posted a photo of a spread of his banknotes on his Twitter account with the statement ”

In his message, the young guy asked his online pals if Elon Musk is really as wealthy as he claims, why doesn’t he display it or share it on social media?

“If Elon Musk has more money than me, why hasn’t he tweeted a picture of his spread?”

His internet fans responded to his posts by responding to his burning query.

Many netizens said that Musk had no incentive to flaunt his wealth on social media because his business activities and investments were transparent. Take a look at the Twitter post and some of the internet responses:

@madeline_nc reacted: “Because it’s obnoxious and clout chasing.”

@ALaylaScott1 replied:

“Because it’s not smart to post your money on the internet it attracts ppl to break into your house.”

@JordanAnthony02 commented: “I have people on my Instagram with this typa mentality.” @_Wura__ said: “Because real rich people don’t post their money lol.”

Source: latestnewssouthafrica

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