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Baran Nouri Hamadamin Wiki

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Who was Baran Nouri Hamadamin ?

The devastated father of the first confirmed victim of the Channel migrant tragedy has accused France of allowing ‘butchers’ to send innocent people to their deaths.

Baran Nouri Hamadamin was one of 27 people who drowned after a flimsy boat capsized six miles from Calais during a storm this week.

The newly engaged student had traveled through Germany and France to meet her fiancé in the UK, paying human smugglers to take her across the Narrow Sea.

Five people have been arrested in France for the killings, but Calais police have so far not charged anyone despite Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin insisting that all those detained were “directly linked”.

The tragedy has sparked another diplomatic row between London and Paris, with Emmanuel Macron accusing Boris Johnson of violating French sovereignty after the prime minister tweeted an open letter outlining a five-point plan of action to crack down on the French. human traffickers.

In an extraordinary fit of resentment, the French government today withdrew Interior Minister Priti Patel’s invitation to a crisis meeting.

Interior Minister Damian Hinds defended Johnson’s letter this morning, telling Radio 4’s Today show: “No one is proposing to violate sovereignty; the letter from the Prime Minister proposes to do things that go beyond what we have achieved to date ”.

He added: ‘The tone of the letter is exceptionally supportive and collaborative, it fully acknowledges everything that the French government and authorities have been doing, which is a shared challenge, but which now, particularly driven by this terrible tragedy, we have to go further, we have to deepen our partnership, we have to expand what we do, we have to design new creative solutions. ”

Speaking from his home in Soran, in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq, Miss Hamadamin’s father, Nuri Mohammed Amin, urged President Emmanuel Macron to stop allowing human traffickers to treat people “like animals. “.

Miss Hamadamin, a newly engaged student, had traveled through Germany and France to meet her fiancé in the UK, paying human smugglers to take her across the Narrow Sea.

She had been sending Snapchat messages to her fiancé Karzan Asaad before the boat started to lose air. While she was tracking the GPS on her phone, the signal was cut off just over four hours into the trip, and she tried to reassure him in her last message that rescuers were on their way. Her body was tragically identified by a relative in a French morgue yesterday.

Mr Amin said: “This is a tragedy not only for me, but for all of Kurdistan and the world. I ask the French government to tighten its borders and stop those butchers. They are not smugglers, they are mafias. This is my only request.

‘The boats they are using are not made for that purpose. They treat these poor people like animals. Where were their human rights? It is the role of the French government to have a strict procedure to stop those butchers and prevent further tragedies. And I hope our people stop even thinking about migrating in a similar way. ‘

Smugglers threatened to shoot migrants, including bride-to-be Mariam Nouri Dargalayi (pictured with fiance), unless they boarded the doomed dinghy that went down in Channel

Smugglers threatened to shoot migrants, including bride-to-be Mariam Nouri Dargalayi (pictured with fiance), unless they boarded the doomed dinghy that went down in Channel.


Friends of the migrants who drowned in the English Channel this week said yesterday that human smugglers threatened to show them unless they got into the crowded boat.

Up to 50 people were supposed to board two ships before the fatal voyage, but one ship suffered engine problems, those trapped in camps in France said. Instead of cutting back on the trip that would have earned them tens of thousands of pounds, the armed gang cornered the migrants in a single boat, it was said.

The chilling details emerged when more were named among those feared drowned in Wednesday’s tragedy off the coast of Calais.

Mr Hinds told the BBC this morning: “British and French officials have been working together from the beginning, in fact we have been working together for years on these really important issues. The association is strong.

‘The tone of the letter is exceptionally supportive and collaborative, it absolutely recognizes everything that the French government and authorities have been doing, which is a shared challenge, but that now, particularly driven by this terrible tragedy, we have to go further. there, we have to deepen our association, we have to expand what we do, we have to design new creative solutions ”.

He also defended Johnson’s suggestion that Britain join French beach patrols to reduce the number of people crossing the Channel in small boats.

“Nobody proposes to violate sovereignty; the letter from the Prime Minister proposes to do things that go beyond what we have achieved to date ”.

Hinds acknowledged the challenges of policing the French coastline, but added: “There is more that can be done and clearly we cannot just say that it is difficult because it is hundreds of miles of coastline, we have to do whatever it takes to save human lives.” .

He did not say how much of the 54 million pounds that Britain had offered France to clamp down on the Channel crossings has been paid, but said that “more than one euro has been paid”, after criticism from the French.

Mr Asad, who is said to have British citizenship and now works as a barber in Bournemouth, said: ‘I am in very bad shape. It is very sad for me and for everyone. I had continuous contact with my wife and was tracking her live with GPS. After four hours and 18 minutes, from the moment she got on that boat, I think they were in the middle of the sea, then I lost her.

‘She was a happy person. Someone went to see her body in France, so I know it’s her. ‘

Last night a cousin in Iraq, Krmanj Ezzat, said: ‘His mother and her father are totally devastated. The situation is dire. She was a woman in the prime of her life. It is a total tragedy and the whole family is in shock.

‘I understand why so many people are leaving in search of a better life, but this is not the right path. It is the route of death. Please don’t take this route, it’s not worth it. Baran chose a very difficult path to come to Britain and you see what happened to him. Karzan was waiting for her in England. She was learning English, she was very smart. ‘

Ezzat fears that four more members of the family were also on the boat. Yesterday, the family of Deniz Ahmed Mohammed, a 27-year-old Kurdish, said that he left them a final voicemail that read: ‘Just pray for us.’

Childhood friends Harem Pirot and Shakar Ali, from the northern Iraqi city of Ranya, were also among the feared victims.

His friend Sanger Ahmed said

His friend Sanger Ahmed said: ‘I spoke to them on the phone the morning they went. They said it was just a tiny boat and that human smugglers could shoot people if they tried to back up. They suspected that the ship was crowded with about 50 people on it. I think they might have been forced to get on the boat.

“Human smugglers are armed and they don’t care if the ship is overloaded or the weather is bad. We have all heard stories about people being threatened with a gun unless they go up.

In the seedy camp near Dunkirk, where convicted migrants waited for the opportunity to try to cross, numerous sources have made shocking claims to the Daily Mail about what happened Wednesday at lunchtime.

Two ships had been prepared to depart from Loon-Plage beach outside Dunkirk. Sources described how one of the ships had suffered from engine trouble, but the greedy smugglers didn’t want to miss out on the windfall.

“The smugglers told the migrants that the remaining boat was brand new and that it would therefore be strong enough to carry them all,” said a source inside the camp.

Another migrant said: ‘For them, it’s all about money. There are too many people who have a lot to lose ”.

The crammed boat, about 30 feet long, was so flimsy that it was compared to a kiddie pool, and it appears that it simply collapsed after taking in water or colliding with a ship.

The Mail yesterday recounted how the migrant Mohammed Aziz, 31, made a frantic phone call to his friend Peshraw Aziz and said: ‘It is not good, the engine is not powerful enough, I do not know if we will make it’. .

Various sources in the camp have claimed that the ship could have had as many as 50 people on board, and French authorities are prepared for the death toll to rise, currently at 27.

Speaking of his friends, Sanger said that he has met Harem, believed to be 23 years old, and Shakar, a 27-year-old geology graduate, all his life and all were neighbors in Ranya, in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. Sanger said that he traveled with Harem and Shakar to Turkey.

His friends headed to France via Italy while he decided to come via Belarus, and the trio met in France.

Sanger also spoke of his fears for two other Iraqi Kurds: Hassan, in his 20s, and Twana Muhammad, 18, a student. He also believes that an Iranian named Sirwan, in his 25s, and a man named Hever, in his 20s, and from Ranya, may have died. He is feared that the youngest victim is 12-year-old Riaz Mohammed, who was photographed wearing a life jacket.

Sanger added: “I’m not sure if I’ll get a boat now; if there’s a possibility in a truck, I may not take that risk.”

Migrants in the field told the Post that police controls are so lax that smugglers blatantly dump their human cargo in broad daylight in full view of security officials.

Karl Maquinghen, a French skipper who has been at sea for 21 years, raised the alarm Wednesday afternoon when he found bodies floating in the water.

“Seeing so many dead people next to us, it was like a horror movie,” he said yesterday.

‘You can’t sleep, as soon as you close your eyes, you see bodies again. We were petrified of even pulling the nets for fear there was one inside. If we had arrived five minutes earlier, we could have saved them.

A relative of Deniz said that his family in Ranya feared the worst. “He suffered poverty and then spent everything he raised to go to the UK, and this is what happened,” said nephew Darya.

My grandfather hasn’t even eaten until now. It’s like a funeral for them. ‘

A final voicemail from Deniz read: ‘Now we are in the water, Inshalla [God willing] we will arrive safely. Just pray for us.

Kent MP Craig Mackinlay said that with Storm Arwen poised to blow 75 mph winds toward France, Macron must ensure that no one crosses today to avoid further deaths in the Canal. But despite the warning, only small groups of police were seen patrolling near Calais.

Migrants who were found soaked after a failed attempt to cross the Channel walk out from a shelter

He told MailOnline: ‘The French should put the maximum in land resources on the 20 miles of high-risk beaches north and south of Calais. Bad weather will push traffickers to use the shortest possible route ”.

Dover MP Natalie Elphicke said: ‘Conditions in the English Channel appear to be even more dangerous in the coming days.

“It is urgent for France to work with the allies of the UK and the EU to prevent more lives from being lost. No one should take this kind of journey through stormy seas. The French authorities should appeal to the people to pay attention to the weather forecast and stay where it is. ”

The Elysee Palace had already warned Johnson not to “exploit” the disaster for political gain, but the prime minister wrote a letter overnight with a five-point cooperation plan. His urgent five-point plan included measures such as initiating joint patrols with France to stop ships leaving French beaches, deploying sensors and radar technology and using aerial surveillance.

Johnson also argued that France should agree to take back migrants arriving in Britain, saying it would have a “significant” impact on the migration crisis and reduce the dangers posed by human smugglers.

Presenting his five-point plan, he tweeted: “ I wrote to President Macron tonight offering to move faster and faster to avoid the English Channel crossings and prevent a repeat of yesterday’s terrible tragedy that claimed the life of at least 27 people.

Meanwhile, Emmanuel Macron went into meltdown at Boris Johnson

“I pay tribute to the emergency services that have been dealing with this devastating situation.

After our conversation last night, I know that President Macron recognizes, as I do, the urgency of the situation we both face. If those arriving in this country were quickly returned, the incentive for people to put their lives in the hands of traffickers would be significantly reduced. This would be the biggest step we could take together to reduce the appeal of northern France and break the business model of criminal gangs.

“I am confident that by taking these steps and leveraging our existing cooperation, we can address illegal migration and prevent more families from experiencing the devastating loss we saw yesterday.”

Since he published the plan, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin told Miss Patel that she is no longer welcome at Sunday’s crisis meeting.

A Darmanin spokesman, who accused Britain of ‘immigration mismanagement’ and luring migrants with benefits and lax employment rules, said: ‘We consider Boris Johnson’s public letter unacceptable and oppose the discussions between counterparts.

“As a consequence, Priti Patel is no longer invited to Sunday’s meeting.”

Former Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, who is running for the French presidency in the next election, also got into the dispute, accusing Johnson of being “in a confrontational state of mind on all issues.”

Wednesday’s tragedy deepened the animosity between Britain and France, already at odds over trade rules and post-Brexit fishing rights. Johnson said France was to blame and Darmanin accused Britain of “mismanagement of immigration”.

Baran Nouri Hamadamin Quick and Facts

  • Father of first victim of Channel tragedy urged France to stop allowing traffickers to treat people ‘like animals’
  • Baran Nouri Hamadamin, 24, was identified as one of 27 migrants who drowned after a flimsy boat capsized
  • Nuri Mohammed Mohammed Amin accused Emmanuel Macron of allowing ‘butchers’ to send her to death
  • Friends said that people-smugglers threatened to shoot them unless they boarded the overcrowded dinghy
  • It comes as Emmanuel Macron’s outburst at Boris Johnson over the tragedy could lead to more lives lost

Source: wikisoon

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