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Brandon Shirley Wiki

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Who was Brandon Shirley ?

An off-duty sheriff’s deputy working security in a Kentucky car park was shot and killed after being ambushed early Thursday while sitting in his vehicle without identification, police said.

An unknown assailant approached the vehicle’s window on Rockford Lane and shot Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon Shirley, 26, around 2:30 a.m., Louisville Metro Police Department spokeswoman Alicia said. Smiley, to the media.

Shirley, who was wearing his uniform at the time, managed to call the shooting and was taken to the University of Louisville Hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery but died from his injuries.wikipedia

How old was Brandon Shirley ?

He was 26 year old.

Shot and Killed

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon Shirley, 26, was shot and killed while sitting in his unmarked vehicle in a car park in Louisville, Kentucky, early Thursday morning.
During a news conference Tuesday, Louisville Metro Police Department Chief Erika Shields called Shirley’s murder “disgusting” and “absolutely heartbreaking,” and promised to make an arrest, WLKY reported.

“It was a target and an ambush,” the chief said about the attack on the deputy.

Shields did not comment on a possible motive or explain why she believed the officer was ambushed, but she added: ‘to the police, if someone is really determined to kill you, he is going to kill you.’ And that was the case here. ‘

Police said they were investigating a couple of possible suspects, but did not elaborate. As of Thursday afternoon, no arrests have been made.

Jefferson County Sheriff John Aubrey said Shirley joined his office in March 2019 and was assigned to court security in downtown Louisville.

Last year, Shirley received the Medal of Valor for his response to the fatal shooting of photographer Tyler Gerth in Louisville during the Black Lives Matter protests.

“Brandon was a proactive and hard-working MP, really dedicated to his duties,” Major George Grissom said. Everyone liked him. He was a good person, a good person to be with. ”

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear expressed his condolences to Shirley’s family in a tweet, writing in part: “We are forever grateful for the courage, selflessness and dedication of Representative Shirley to the people of the Commonwealth.”

Jefferson County Sheriff John Aubrey  speaks

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer also mourned the deputy’s death as a result of “another senseless and tragic act of violence.”

Shirley was the fifth duty to die in the line of duty in the history of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, WKYT reported.

Shirley’s brother Mike Shirley paid an emotional tribute to his murdered brother, writing in a Facebook post: ‘I can’t believe you’re really gone … I wish this was all a nightmare, I’m going to miss you so much bro. .. I love you so much … thoughts and prayers are sorely needed … ‘

Brandon Shirley Quicks and Facts

  • Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon Shirley, 26, was shot and killed sitting in his unmarked vehicle at a car lot in Louisville early Thursday 
  • Shirley was off-duty and was working security at the time of the attack 
  • Louisville police say Shirley, a two-year veteran, was ‘targeted and ambushed’  

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