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Who is Callum Carson ?

Two Welsh rugby players have publicly apologized after a video showed one of them faking s*x with a sleeping homeless person.

Matthew Aubrey, 24, and Callum Carson, 23, have been suspended by the Ospreys, one of Wales’s four professional rugby union teams, after images surfaced online of the players mocking the sleeper.

The club, which has a host of top international players including Alun Wyn Jones and Alex Cuthbert, described it as “totally unacceptable and not tolerated by anyone associated with the Ospreys”.

Aubrey and Carson have since been allowed to continue playing after consultation, but have apologized and will now work with a homeless charity after admitting they let their families down.

Matthew Aubrey, 24, and Callum Carson, 23, were suspended by the Ospreys after images surfaced online of players mocking the sleeper.

The clip, which was posted on Matthew Aubrey’s Snapchat account, appears to show Callum Carson approaching a rough sleeper in Cardiff city centre.


Carson said: ‘First of all I would like to apologize to the person involved for my behavior and disrespect towards them.

“So I have to apologize to my family, my friends, my teammates and the Ospreys and fans for the embarrassment caused by my actions.”

Aubrey said: “I want to apologize to everyone for what happened and there are no excuses for my behavior that night.”

“I know how much heartache and embarrassment it has caused everyone close to me and everyone involved with ospreys.”

The clip was apparently filmed in Cardiff city center where a homeless person was sleeping in the doorway of an office.

It was posted on Matthew Aubrey’s Snapchat account and appears to show Carson lying next to the sleeper.


He then smiled at the camera before appearing to rub against the ‘vulnerable’ person on the ground.

The video shows him wrapping his arm around the person and then rubbing his hips in a simulated s*xual act.

It was filmed near the Hilton Hotel after the players had traveled more than 40 miles from the Swansea-based club for a social occasion.

Scrum-half Aubrey made his Ospreys debut in 2016 and has previously played for the club’s academy and Swansea RFC.

Center Carson, who made his Wales U20 debut in 2018, also plays for Wales Sevens and Ospreys.

The rugby player puts his arm around the unidentified person near the Hilton Hotel in Cardiff and pushes against them.


A statement from the Ospreys read: ‘The Ospreys can confirm that a full and thorough independent disciplinary process has been concluded in relation to the incident on March 7, 2022, involving Callum Carson and Matthew Aubrey.

The Ospreys suspended both players effective immediately after learning of the incident.

Carson, 23, and Aubrey, 24, were investigated separately and during those investigations they accepted full responsibility for their actions and showed remorse for their behavior.

Both players are fully aware that their actions were totally unacceptable and of their responsibilities to the Ospreys and the wider community they represent.

“They have been given the recommended disciplinary sanction and will also be volunteering with The Wallich Welsh charity to help the homeless.”

Callum Carson Quick and Facts

  • Matthew Aubrey, 24, and Callum Carson, 23, have since been allowed to play  
  • They admitted letting down their families and will work with a homeless charity 
  • The clip appeared to show Carson thrusting himself against the homeless person

Source: wikisoon

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