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Clifton Powell Jr Wiki

                                Clifton Powell Jr Biography

Who is Clifton Powell Jr ?

Pretty in a purple skirt and looking blissfully happy, this is Sasha Obama pictured with her boyfriend Clifton Powell Jr., 24, two days after her mother, Michelle, revealed they were dating.

DailyMail.com may reveal that her new man is the son of actor Ray Clifton Powell, 66, and a former college basketball star who now works as a business director creating content for Nike and Peloton.


He was also close friends with Ian Alexander Jr., the only son of Powell’s Ray co-star Regina King, who tragically took his own life in January at just 25 years old.

The couple is believed to have met after Sasha, 20, moved to Los Angeles last August after dropping out of the University of Michigan and switching to a course at USC.

DailyMail.com may reveal that Sasha Obama’s new man is Clifton Powell Jr., son of actor Ray Clifton Powell, 66, and a former college basketball star.

Powell Jr., known by the nicknames “Cliff” and “CP3,” attended Village Christian High School in the San Fernando Valley across town, a private school that charges $28,340 a year and offers “an excellent education.” Christian. ‘
Both Sasha and Ella’s sister Malia, 23, now live on the West Coast and Obama’s older brother took a job as a screenwriter for Donald Glover’s new Amazon project after graduating from Harvard last year.

On Tuesday, former first lady Michelle gave an update on her daughters during an appearance on the Ellen Show, telling the host: “They love the Jonas Brothers.” Now they are bringing grown men home.

‘Before it was just pop bands. Now they have boyfriends and real lives.

While Malia has been dating Brit Rory Farquharson since she met him at Harvard in 2017, Sasha’s relationship is much more recent.

Like Farquharson, who grew up in a $2.2 million six-bedroom

Like Farquharson, who grew up in a $2.2 million six-bedroom house in Suffolk and attended posh rugby school, Powell Jr has enjoyed a lavish lifestyle.

The second son of Powell and his wife, Kimberly Crooms, 58, has an older sister, May, 29, and was raised in the family’s Ladera Heights home.

Ladera Heights, along with neighboring Windsor Hills, Baldwin Hills, and View Park, has been dubbed ‘the black Beverly Hills’ due to its expensive housing and famous residents, who at one point included Tina Turner and Ray Charles.

Although his father is an actor, her mother Kimberly is a successful businesswoman in her own right: She runs an interior design company called whatUneed Designs and a catering company called Chef Kim that offers custom meal preparation and dietary consulting.

Sister Maya, 29, runs her own beauty business called Suga Honey Glam Incorporated and specializes in creative nail art.


In a May 2016 Facebook post that accompanied a photo of Powell Jr. signing on the dotted line, an elated Powell wrote, “Check out Clifton Powell Jr. God is good, he officially signed on a full four-year scholarship.” bball for the University of California at Santa Barbara [sic]!!!!!!!!!’

Despite his father’s pride in his basketball career, Powell Jr. left the Santa Barbara Gauchos less than a year later to focus on film work.

The 24-year-old never hid his ambition for a life outside of the sport, and he wrote in his basketball biography that he hoped for a broadcasting career.

He also used the brief profile to talk about his love of movies (the NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton is his favorite film) and revealed a penchant for fantasy novels; according to the biography, Lois Lowry’s dystopian The Giver is his number one book.

Since dropping out of college, Powell Jr. has established himself as a business manager with a website that uses his old CP3 moniker in the title.

The reels show that he has created content for Peloton and Nike. He made another video, called Rookie Ratings, for Madden NFL 22, a video game based on the National Football League.

In his biography of him, Powell Jr. says that he started out as a writer creating scripts for television that led to “a development deal in the television space.”

He continues: ‘Finding a widespread passion in directing and visual storytelling. He continued to work at the directing trade and was quickly thrown into the fire, forcing him to adapt and learn fast.

“And he did, and he continues to learn something new with every production he does.”

Sasha’s mother

Powell Jr. has already met Sasha’s mother, Michelle, something she referenced in Ellen’s appearance, though it is not known if he has met her father, Barack Obama.

President Obama has welcomed Malia’s boyfriend, Rory, who stayed at the family’s home in Washington D.C. during lockdown in 2020.

During Ellen’s appearance, Michelle, 58, spoke of how much she loved having her daughters at home during the pandemic before praising them as ‘incredible young women’.

She said: ‘I heard what my mother said when she was bringing us up. She said, ‘I’m not raising babies, I’m raising real people to be in the world.’ And I kept that in mind with the girls.

The former first lady added: “I mean, they wouldn’t always be in that White House bubble, so they had to learn how to make their beds.” They had to learn to drive.

‘They had to learn to be compassionate, independent and responsible people in order to enter the world as responsible, compassionate and capable people.

“And I think they’re amazing young women because of that.”

Clifton Powell Jr Quick and Facts

  • Sasha Obama’s new man is Clifton Powell Jr., the son of Ray actor Clifton Powell, 66, and a former college basketball star
  • Clifton, who stands at 6ft 5inches, now works as a commercial director creating content for Nike and Peloton
  • This comes two days after former First Lady Michelle Obama let it slip that Sasha – as well as her sister Malia – have boyfriends
  • Michelle told Ellen, ‘Now they are bringing grown men home. Before it was just, like, pop bands. Now they have boyfriends and real lives’
  • The couple are believed to have gotten together after Sasha, 20, moved to LA last August – leaving the University of Michigan for  USC

Source: wikisoon

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