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Deirdre Morley Wiki

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Who is Deirdre Morley?

Nurse Deirdre Morley, 44, killed Conor, 9, Darragh, 7, and Carla, 3, suffocating them in their Co Dublin home on January 24, 2020.

Nurse Deirdre Morley, 44, killed Conor, nine, Darragh, seven, and Carla, three, seen with her father Andrew McGinley.

The children are seen with their dad Andrew.

Morley’s husband

The children’s father, Andrew McGinley, Morley’s husband, has recounted how little Conor’s last words haunt him to this day.

The baby screamed “stop mom, what are you doing?” As Morley placed a bag over his head, they told a court during the trial.

The mother was transferred to the Central Mental Hospital after being found not guilty of murder on grounds of insanity.

Andrew told the Irish Mirror: “Regarding Deirdre, I struggle a lot because all I really hear is Conor’s last words. They resonate a lot in my head.

“So there’s no future I guess, with me and Dee. It will never be normal for either of you again.

“I know that I have completely changed as a person.

Morley admitted

Morley admitted to suffocating her children with plastic bags and duct tape at her home when Andrew was in Cork on an overnight business trip.

He then drove onto the M7 with medicine and a bottle of wine, but crashed his car on a roundabout.

A passing motorist drove her home before leaving the house again.

She then she was called emergency services when she returned to Morley to leave the house before passing out in a taxi.

Andrew came home shortly after, when the bodies of the three children were discovered in the house.


During her trial, Dr. Brenda Wright, a defense witness, said that Morley suffered from type two bipolar affective disorder, a recognized mental disorder.

She told the court: “She has a mental disorder as defined in the Criminal Law Insanity Act, namely depression.


“At the time of the alleged crimes, she suffered from a mental disorder, she knew the nature and quality of the acts, she knew that her actions would result in the death of the children, but she did not know that her actions were incorrect.

“She harbored a psychiatric moral justification for her actions. She believed that her actions were morally correct, she believed that the children had suffered irreparable harm and she had to end her suffering.”

consultations with the doctor

In consultations with the doctor, Morley told him of his own “passive death wish” and that he just wanted to “evaporate.”

The defendant said: “They had to go. I couldn’t stop taking them with me. I had ruined them through poor upbringing and mental illness.”

“I felt they were doomed and wanted to lift them out of future misery. He had lost all hope in them. I felt they were damaged.

“I thought people would be sad but it was final, this had to happen.”

Dr. Wright asked him if he ever thought of stopping.

Morley replied, “No, I couldn’t stop taking them with me. I thought they would be irreparably harmed if their mother committed suicide.

“I was convinced of their future struggles. Now I think about everything they had going for them, so I don’t know what worried me.

“I just felt like they were so damaged, I felt like I had no other options.

“I wish I had a time machine.”

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