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James Gousse Wiki

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Who is James Gousse ?

James Gousse screamed for help after getting stuck in a porta-potty, and was later arrested on drug charges.

A Florida man was left screaming after being trapped in a portable toilet, and then cops quickly arrested him for drug possession and rescued him.

Passersby called Naples police after hearing 34-year-old James Gousse scream for help Sunday night while he was trapped in the mobile toilet.

An arriving officer heard Gousse’s screams and saw his foot sticking out of the port-a-potty door.

The officer successfully dislodged Gousse and told him to sit nearby.

He told police that he had somehow gotten his foot stuck and couldn’t get out.

Cops searched the bathroom and found a powdery substance that later tested positive for fentanyl.

Gousse was placed under arrest and now faces multiple drug-related charges.

Source: wikisoon

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