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Julius Maddox Wiki

                                                            Julius Maddox Biography

Who is Julius Maddox ?

Julius Maddox is an American powerlifter who is the current world record holder in the bench press. Wikipedia

Weightlifter Julius Maddox tried unsuccessfully to break his own bench press world record on Saturday when he tried to lift 800 pounds (363 kilograms).

That weight is similar to that of a grizzly bear, yak or American bison, and would have far surpassed the record of 770 pounds (350 kilograms), which he set in March of last year.

Maddox first set the all-time record for the heaviest raw bench press in history at the Xtreme Powerlifting Coalition Slingshot Showdown at the Arnold Sports Festival.

Since then, the Kentucky athlete has broken that record twice and has come close to the 800 goal.

His attempt to hit that goal in June ended when an additional 25-pound weight was unloaded on one side.

Saturday’s second attempt also didn’t go as planned, as Maddox failed to handle the load at Chicago’s Wrigley Field.

How old is Julius Maddox ?

He is May 13, 1987 (age 34 years), Owensboro, Kentucky, United States.

Who is Julius Maddox’s wife?


Personal life. Maddox was born and raised in Owensboro, KY, where he still lives today with his wife Heaven and his four children.

What’s the world record for a bench press?

The heaviest bench press in a single lift is 401.5 kg (885 lbs 2 oz) achieved by Blaine Sumner (b. 22 June 1987; USA) at the 2016 Arnold Sports Festival held in Columbus, Ohio, USA, on 5 March 2016.wikipedia

Why are weightlifters fat?

Some weightlifters are fat because they intentionally try to consume excess calories in an effort to gain more muscle mass, because “mass moves mass.”

Julius Maddox’s World Record Bench Press

Maddox wears wrist guards but does not wear supportive equipment such as a belt. Another American, Blaine Sumner, holds the world record for any bench press, lifting 885 pounds (401 kilograms) at the Arnold Sports Festival in 2016.

In high school, Maddox was projected to be a Division 1 soccer player, according to his website, but those plans were derailed by “several wrong decisions.”

“After dealing with drug addiction, depression, and jail time, I was left in the deep end,” he writes on the site. “After getting a second chance and entering a recovery program, I decided to make a change.”

American crude record with a lift of 723 pounds (323 kilograms) in June 2019.

Maddox initially broke the American crude record with a lift of 723 pounds (323 kilograms) in June 2019. Three months later, he pushed 750 pounds (335 kilograms) to take the world record of Russian weightlifter Kirill Sarychev.

Soon after, the American told Muscle and Fitness magazine the moment he realized his weightlifting potential.

While he was in a drug and alcohol treatment center, his friends loaded the bar with full weight in the basement gym and pressed.

“We were just kidding … and I moved it for reps and it just blew my mind,” Maddox said. Weight on the bar: 525 lbs.

When asked about his best tips on banking for the magazine, Maddox encouraged others to think of his elbows as a corkscrew.

“They should stay in at 45 degrees and widen a little bit when you block,” he said. “Think of football players when they shoot, they push with their hands and their elbows bent. This is how they generate more power.”

Source: wikisoon

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