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Who is Junior Jumpp?

Junior Jumpp, 31, of Hartford, was arrested Tuesday on the result of a falsified test, the Connecticut Division of Criminal Justice said.

Jumpp had been scheduled to appear before a New Britain judicial district judge on November 30 for a bail review hearing related to a number of criminal cases.

The judge excused Jumpp from appearing after his attorney said he had received a screenshot from his client the day before showing the so-called positive COVID test notification.


Investigators later determined the result to be false, authorities said.

Jumpp had been released on bail following an arrest on November 16, in which he was charged with threatening and breaking the peace.

The circumstances surrounding that incident were not immediately clear.

Under the conditions of his release on bail, Jumpp was ordered not to be arrested for any other crime.

In the wake of the COVID bogus testing saga, Jumpp is now being held on a $ 25,000 bond.


A Connecticut man has been charged with faking a positive COVID-19 test result just so he could skip a court date.

He is charged with one count of forgery in the second degree and fabrication of physical evidence.

Jumpp now has a total of 12 open criminal cases in New Britain and Hartford, authorities said.

He is scheduled to face court on February 3.

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