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Kumanjayi Walker Wiki

                                Kumanjayi Walker  Biography

Who is Kumanjayi Walker ?

He died in a pool of blood with three bullets in his body, but Kumanjayi Walker’s life was undone years before he rammed a pair of scissors into the arm of a young policeman.

The Aboriginal teenager, aged 19, was shot dead while resisting arrest in Yuendumu, 290 km north-west of Alice Springs, on November 9, 2019.


He was shot three times by Officer Zachary Rolfe, 30, who was found not guilty last week of murder, manslaughter and involvement in a violent act that caused death by a Northern Territory Supreme Court jury.

Those are the facts, as determined by the court, but during his short life up to that point, Mr. Walker led a troubled existence.

Given the way his life was shaped even before he was born, many would say that he never had a chance, but he also didn’t give his girlfriend Rickisha Robertson a chance, with the horrific violence that he allegedly gave her. inflicted.


Walker was born at Alice Springs Hospital on October 13, 2000, to a mother, Selina Lane, who sniffed gasoline and drank heavily while pregnant with him.

She promptly gave the baby boy then known as Arnold to Leanne Oldfield and Sampson Anthony, who raised him in an environment of “alcohol abuse and severe domestic violence.”

Mrs. Oldfield was a friend of Mr. Walker’s biological parents, but she was not related to either of them.

In April 2001, when he was six months old, he was living with his foster parents in a camp outside Alice Springs, while his maternal and paternal relatives fought over who should care for him.

In September 2002, just before his second birthday, Arnold, who was also sometimes known by his middle name Charles, was under the care of a grandmother but had ear and chest infections, nits and scabies.

During his early childhood, Arnold also spent time with two other families, before moving to Adelaide with Mrs Oldfield and Mr Anthony in 2007.

There he attended McFarlane Elementary School until 2010, where the teachers recognized that he had “special needs”.


Kumanjayi Walker  and his girlfriend Rickisha Robertson . Walker was killed by police in the NT in 2019

The clinic is the same one from which staff were evacuated, fearing break-ins, on the morning of Mr. Walker’s murder in November 2019.

In 2015, after moving with his grandmother Margaret Brown to Yuendumu, he met Rickisha Robertson, who became his girlfriend.

She later allegedly hit her head with a rock and punched, kicked and strangled her, and once hit her with a piece of steel, breaking her left hand.

But Mrs. Robertson blamed herself. “It was very hard for him to attack me, but he always said ‘I forgive you,’” she told The Australian.

I’m the one who stood in her way. He was trying to keep her from…getting mad at me.

Walker continued to get in trouble with the police and his neighbors. He got into fights, stole cars and damaged property.

He again moved to other areas and enrolled in other programs that sought to help him. But nothing worked.

Source: wikisoon

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