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Marilyn Tackett Wiki

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Who was Marilyn Tackett ?

Oklahoma, who was among 27 fully vaccinated passengers who tested positive for COVID-19 aboard a Carnival cruise ship earlier this month, died last week of respiratory complications.

Marilyn Tackett died on August 14 after testing positive on the Carnival Vista ship days after she called in Belize City.

According to a GoFundMe page created by the Tackett family, the 77-year-old was admitted to a hospital in Belize and put on a ventilator.

How old was Marilyn Tackett ?

She was 77 year old.


Marilyn Tackettpassed away on August 14 after testing positive for the virus aboard the Carnival Vista cruise ship days after it made a stopover in Belize City.

Her condition worsened and she was taken to a hospital in Tulsa, where she was treated, but eventually died.

The cruise was her first trip outside of the United States.

“We just wanted to go ahead and thank you all for your support, love, and prayers. Memaw fought for as long as she could. Knowing that she has reunited with her lost loved ones and that she is now enjoying the presence of the Lord is a great comfort, ” Tara Cameron, one of Tackett’s granddaughters, wrote on the page.

“We will continue to walk in Faith as she taught us and we will try to spread love and kindness as she did.”

A DailyMail.com request for comment to Tackett’s family was not immediately returned.

The ship was carrying 1,300 crew members and 3,000 passengers, all who had to provide negative COVID-19 test results

Passengers aboard the ship, which sailed from Galveston, Texas, were asked to present evidence of a negative COVID-19 test for the port call when they disembarked in Belize. Those without tests were subjected to ‘random testing’ by the Belize Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Tackett was one of 27 passengers who tested positive for the virus aboard the Carnival Vista cruise ship carrying more than 1,400 crew members and nearly 3,000 passengers.

While the cruise line did not screen vaccinated passengers before embarking for the cruise, Carnival said it is “highly unlikely” that Tackett contracted the virus while on board the ship.

“ The guest almost certainly did not contract COVID on our ship, and she was assisted with expert medical care on board and was ultimately evacuated from Belize after we provided a resource to her family, ” Carnival said in a statement. .

The cruise line believes there is a great deal of misinformation on the matter.

All 27 people were vaccinated, had mild or no symptoms and were isolated, according to the statement from the Belize Tourism Board.

Regarding the outbreak, Carnival implemented new testing requirements for all guests, regardless of vaccination status.

The tourism board said that 99.98% of the ship’s crew was vaccinated, as well as 96.5% of its passengers.

The CDC said it investigated the ship and “remains under observation.”

In an Aug. 4 statement, the cruise line said that passengers must wear a mask in certain interior areas and provide a negative COVID test within three days of boarding for cruises beginning Aug. 14.

On Sunday, it announced that it will require proof of vaccination for all passengers over the age of 12, starting Aug. 28.

Carnival informs guests of this update, and all guests who have received

Beginning September 3, the Bahamas will restrict the entry of cruise ships to the country’s ports unless all passengers over the age of 12 have been vaccinated.

An exception is made for those with medical problems that prevent inoculation.

“ From August 28 to October, for departures from all Atlantic and Gulf ports of origin, only children under 12 years of age and adults with a medical condition that prohibits their vaccination are exempt from the requirements of vaccination to sail, ” read a statement from Carnival.

“Carnival informs guests of this update, and all guests who have received an applicable exemption through October have been informed of this change and that exemptions beyond these two categories will be voided.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on its website that Carnival Vista remains under observation.

In May, Florida Governor Ron De Santis banned cruise lines departing from ports from requiring vaccine passports for passengers.

Norwegian Cruise Line fought the governor in court and challenged the vaccine passport ban. A judge temporarily blocked Florida law.

The cruise line argued that the law is an unconstitutional violation of First Amendment free speech. But the state’s attorney said the goal of the law is to prevent discrimination against passengers who do not receive the vaccine.

Cruise ships were the first super-spreaders when the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020. The closed environment and contact between travelers from different countries were the main factors contributing to the severity of the outbreak.

The CDC reported that more than 800 confirmed cases occurred in just three cruise ship trips in the US during the first weeks of the pandemic.

Sea travel was suspended in March of last year when the pandemic broke a devastating path around the world, with centers like Florida losing an estimated $ 5.6 billion.

The cruise industry is very important to Florida’s economy, generating annual revenues of $ 9 billion and providing jobs for 160,000 people, according to the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA).

The ships began sailing again earlier this year after the Centers for Disease Prevention released comprehensive guidelines, which included a fully vaccinated crew and requirements for all those 16 and older to present proof of vaccination against COVID-19.

Marilyn Tackett Quicks and Facts

  • Marilyn Tackett, 77, died on August 14 in a Tulsa hospital 
  • Tackett tested positive for the virus while on the Carnival Vista cruise ship days after it made a stop in Belize City 
  • She was admitted to a hospital in Belize and put on a ventilator after experiencing respiratory complications
  • Tackett’s condition worsened after she was transported to a hospital in Tulsa for treatment
  • She was among 27 passengers to test positive for the virus aboard the ship carrying over 1,400 crew and nearly 3,000 passengers 

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