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Who is Maya Tremillo ?

A teenage girl was filmed being brutally beaten by two other girls, one of them her best friend, after her alleged friend lured her into a Texas park late at night, according to police and shocking video.

Maya Tremillo, 17, suffered a concussion, multiple cuts to her face and a sprained ankle after the shocking beating at Clifton City Park on April 18 by Savannah Walker, 17, and Ahliah Vestal, 17. years, the Clifton Police Department said.

The two girls were charged with aggravated assault.

An unidentified third suspect, who filmed the beating and posted it on Snapchat, has also been arrested and charges are pending.

The girls attend the same high school in Clifton, about 35 miles northwest of Waco, and Maya was attacked by the other teens over a dispute over a child, her distraught mother said.


On the day of the fight, her best friend Vestal told Tremillo to bring some shoes she had previously borrowed, which the victim reportedly thought was an odd request, according to her mother. .

But when Tremillo arrived at the park and approached Vestal’s car, she was attacked by Walker, who was getting out of the vehicle, local authorities confirmed.

“[Walker] jumped out of the car and the other girl who was filming her also jumped out of the car with her phone, and then [Walker] started yelling at Maya,” Julie Kross, Tremillo’s mother, told The US Sun.

“Maya turned around to go back to her car and [Walker] hit her in the back of the head and just jumped on her and started hitting her,” she added.

The night before the attack, Tremillo and her mother had filed a police report against Walker, alleging in-person and online threats of alleged harassment.

“They threatened to beat her up and said ‘you better watch your back, we’re going to kick your ass,’” Kross said. “She scared her and she scared me, so we filed a police report.”

Police reportedly told Tremillo and her concerned mother that there was little they could do to handle the harassment claims, as no evidence had emerged that a crime had been committed.

During the fight, Walker allegedly told Tremillo to “file a report on that now.”

The fight in the park stemmed from arguments between the girls over a boy, Kross added. She refused to reveal more about the incident.


A video circulating online shows the two teenage perpetrators attacking Tremillo after one of them posted recordings of the fight on his Snapchat story. Several selfies of Walker from that night were also shared.

One of them was captioned: ‘Talk your fucking shit now, bitch!!!’

Another selfie was sent along with the threat: “Keep my cousin’s name and my name out of your fucking mouth bitch don’t play with me.”

A third said, “I’m fine guys, intact as always.”

In response to the explicit images shared on its platform, Snapchat said: “Using Snapchat to share videos of someone being attacked is strictly against our rules.” We encourage people to report harmful content to us immediately through our in-app tools. Even if the Snaps are gone, we can still review the reported content so we can investigate and take appropriate action.’

The selfie-based app added that it is currently reviewing shared content before taking further action.

Tremillo was taken to a local hospital after being found in the park, where she was treated for a sprained ankle and a concussion, Kross revealed.

However, Tremillo is having a harder time accepting what happened than physically recovering, her mother said.

“She’s obviously very traumatized, very depressed and I’m really worried about her emotionally,” Kross shared.

‘[Maya] she constantly looks over her shoulder and jumps when she passes a car. Physically, she will heal, but I know the emotional stuff will take longer,” she added.

Although the two attackers have not been sentenced, Kross said he hopes Walker’s anger issues will be addressed through possible counseling.

“But I also hope that there are consequences and that they are serious enough to help them wake up and not do anything like this again,” he added.

“I just hope that the judicial system works and that the judges make a decision on what to do best with these girls.”

Both Walker and Vestal are currently out on bail, which has yet to be publicly disclosed.

Clifton High School, where the three girls are students, said it will soon decide on appropriate disciplinary action against the girls and will also address the incident with those who were present and saw the fight.

Meanwhile, Maya, who is expected to complete high school in May, will finish her senior year from home after doctors’ recommendations.

Maya Tremillo Quick and Facts

  • Maya Tremillo, 17, was savagely beaten in a park in Clifton, Texas, on the night of April 18
  • She was attacked by her best friend, Ahliah Vestal, 17, and Savannah Walker, also 17, and considered as her ‘prime attacker’
  • Both were charged with aggravated assault after a police report was disclosed
  • Tremillo had reportedly been told by Vestal to bring back some shoes she had previously borrowed before linking up with the girls at the park
  • Gruesome Snapchat footage and pictures show the fight before being removed
  • Local police had not addressed Tremillo’s harassment claims before the brawl

Source: wikisoon

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