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Phoebe Remy Wiki

                                                Phoebe Remy Biography

Who is Phoebe Remy ?

Phoebe Remy is the wife of Major League Baseball announcer Jerry Remy.

Veteran Red Sox announcer and former second baseman Jerry Remy has died at age 68 after a long battle with lung cancer.

Many may be familiar with Phoebe Remy through her marriage to former second baseman and broadcaster Jerry Remy. While her husband is known for his baseball career, Phoebe is considered to prefer to keep a low profile as there is limited information and images of her online.wikipedia

Jerry Remy’s wife, Phoebe

Although a 2009 Boston Globe article shared a vision of her life. According to the article, Phoebe, who is Portuguese, was 20 years old when she married Remy, who was two years older than her, so she is currently 66 years old.

Elsewhere, Jerry and Phoebe have three children together, sons Jared and Jordan, as well as daughter Jenna. They welcomed her oldest, Jared, in 1978, who was soon followed by her son Jordan. Four years later, the couple had their youngest daughter, Jenna.

Jerry Remy and his wife Phoebe first crossed paths in the early 1970s while Remy was working in retail during their offseason. According to the Boston Globe, after getting along, the couple went Christmas shopping for their first date.

Two years later, the couple married in 1974 and have since been together for more than four decades, and this year marked their 47th wedding anniversary.


Remy is survived by his wife, Phoebe, and his three children, Jared, Jordan, and Jenna.
The couple have 3 children named Jared, Jordan, and Jenna.

Jerry Remy’s son, Jared, served as a security guard for the Boston Red Sox until 2008, when another guard reported to state police that Jared had provided him with steroids.

Jared was arrested on August 16, 2013 for fatally stabbing his girlfriend, Jennifer Martel, a charge to which he pleaded guilty on May 27, 2014.

Jerry Remy Death

Today, Sunday October 31, it was announced that Jerry Remy had died at age 68 after a long battle with lung cancer. The former player and broadcaster had battled cancer multiple times over the years, and was first diagnosed in 2008.

As news of his passing is shared online, fans have taken to social media to send condolences to his wife Phoebe and his surviving children Jared, Jordan and Jenna:

Remy died of lung cancer on October 30, 2021.

In November 2008, Remy was diagnosed with lung cancer for the first time.

He has missed some broadcasts since then due to health problems. Remy had another relapse in 2013.

According to ESPN, he missed most of spring training in 2017 due to a recurrence. Remy has beaten cancer four times, according to CBS Boston.

In 2021, his cancer resurfaced and he claimed that he would take a leave of absence in August for treatment.

Red Sox manager Alex Cora also released a statement:

Like everyone else in the Red Sox nation today, I am absolutely devastated by Jerry’s passing. I will miss all of our conversations about the game and just spending time together throughout the years, whether it’s in the clubhouse or on the bench. Jerry was passionate about the Red Sox and although he had to walk away for treatment at the end of the season, he was with us every step of the way, especially in October. We stayed in touch almost every day and encouraged each other to keep fighting. It was great to see him at Fenway when we started our career; he was a source of inspiration for many of our players. My condolences to his wife, Phoebe, his children, and his grandchildren. We will miss you, Rem!

A native of Massachusetts, Remy broke into the big leagues with the Angels in 1971, then was traded to the Red Sox in December 1978. In seven years with Boston he hit .286 / .334 / .334 as a classic, speed control bat. – Second base and defense. Remy was an All-Star in 1978 and injuries forced him to retire in 1985. He was a career .275 / .327 / .328 hitter with seven home runs in 10 seasons.

“In baseball, he was a very, very hard worker. He became an outstanding player. He brought those same work habits into the broadcast booth,” said Hall of Famer Carl Yastrzemski, Remy’s former teammate. with the Red Sox, in a statement. statement. “We were a couple of lockers from each other, so we talked a lot. We became really good friends. This is a sad day.”

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After his playing career, Remy turned to broadcasting, covering Red Sox games for the New England Sports Network in 1988. In 2008, the Red Sox celebrated Jerry Remy Day at Fenway Park to honor his time with him. team and its 20 years in broadcasting. He was inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame in 2006 and into the Massachusetts Broadcasting Hall of Fame in 2017.

“Jerry Remy grew up in Massachusetts supporting the Red Sox and lived his dream as a beloved player and broadcaster with the team,” the MLB Players Association said in a statement. “He forged a personal connection with Boston fans and inspired many with his fight against cancer. The Players Association joins Jerry’s family, friends and fans in grieving the loss of him.”

Remy is survived by his wife, Phoebe, and his three children, Jared, Jordan, and Jenna.

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